About Us

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We are founded with one single mission – to guide you to better health.

Who we are

MyHealthGuide.org is comprised of a small team that is fed up with old, outdated, and unreliable health websites out there. The team works to improve the site’s experience, protecting your information and collaborating with health professionals worldwide – please refer to our medical process below to understand better our processes.

We don’t believe in paying to get health information. Everyone has the right to be healthy.

What we do

MyHealthGuide.org is dedicated to being a source for reliable, medically reviewed, and updated information regarding your well-being. We strive to constantly report new health developments, debunk old research with new evidence and provide reliable, expert-backed information for free.

Our writing process

Our articles can be written by multiple authors with and without a medical background. However, we ensure that all our content is medically accurate through our review process below.

Our review process

After the article was written, we either pass the article through a rigorous medical review or a meticulous fact-check to ensure all our information is in accordance with current medical research and medical consensus.

Our medical review team consists only of certified M.Ds, M.B.B.S’s that are currently authorized to practice in a health establishment. We verify the authenticity of every degree.

For non-health articles, we use fact-checkers with a history of research projects.

Our information update process

We revisit popular articles every year or every 2nd year to update and review.

Medical disclaimer

All information found on MyHealthGuide.org is used to inform only. We are not responsible for any mishaps and damages due to our content. All content visible on MyHealthGuide.org is meant for informative and general purposes only – it does not constitute any medical advice. For any medical advice, please consult your doctor. MyHealthGuide mentions of products, services and other information are not guarantees of its effectiveness, safety nor medical properties. Your health institution is the best source of medical advice. However hard we try, we cannot ensure that our content is 100% correct and accurate due to the constant changes in the medical field. Drugs and medications presented on MyHealthGuide.org can have missing or incorrect information such as adverse effects, allergy reactions, warnings, directions, precautions, drug interaction, and possible uses. We absolve of any responsibility that happened due to misuse of our site. When in doubt, always contact your doctor.