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You have: Coily hair!

“Coily hair”, is a hair type that is coiled very tightly. This hair type often has extremely high density and volume. Properly maintained, coily hair can look absolutely fantastic. There is a reason why we see so many hair models with coily hair. That said, it is also very fragile and more susceptible to damage than other types of hair. A rigorous hair care routine is therefore necessary to maintain healthy, strong coily hair.

To help you find the most effective hair growth products for coily hair, we’ve analyzed and compared 14 hair products likely to be suitable for this hair type, based on several criteria, including: active ingredients, clinical data, natural score, moisturizing power, and customer reviews. 

According to our review, here are the top 3 most effective hair growth products to fight hair loss and boost hair density for people like you with coily hair:

1. Scandinavian Biolabs Bio-Pilixin® Hair Growth Routine


  • Only contains natural compounds that have been clinically proven to reduce hair loss and stimulate the growth of thicker, stronger hair
  • Active ingredient Capilia Longa is regularly praised as being one of the most effective natural compounds to stimulate hair growth, based on multiple clinical studies. Does not dry out hair.
  • Heavily infused with plant-based moisturizing ingredients to prevent frizz and dryness in coily hair and ensure they stay well hydrated
  • 100% naturally derived with no side effects. Zero additives 
  • Offers a 150-day money-back guarantee to give people the chance to try it risk-free


  • Can run out of stock quickly
  • Might be seen as relatively expensive for people with modest budgets, but we find the price warranted given the excellent customer feedback and clinical efficacy of active ingredients

The Scandinavian Biolabs Bio-Pilixin® Hair Growth Routine is an advanced natural hair growth formula that is an ideal fit for people with coily hair.

It’s an all-in-one formula containing a shampoo, conditioner and serum specifically designed to improve the appearance of hair naturally. It contains a natural plant-based compound called Capilia Longa that has been clinically found to reduce hair loss by 89% and increase hair density by 52%. The good thing about these ingredients is that it can promote hair growth without drying out the hair – which is important as coily can become very dry naturally. 

The big advantage of this hair growth routine is that both the shampoo and conditioner are heavily infused with plant-based moisturizing ingredients, to make sure that our coily hair stays hydrated and well nourished. 

This is especially important for people with coily hair, which tends to dry and frizz way more easily than any other types of hair. The formula contains extra-nourishing and moisturizing ingredients such as Abyssinian oil, aloe vera, and eucalyptus oil – making it an ideal fit for people with coily hair that frizz easily. 

Overall, the Scandinavian Biolabs Bio-Pilixin® Hair Growth Routine is an excellent choice for people with coily hair who wish to reduce hair loss and regrow healthy hair, without the side effects of drugs. 

In clinical studies, 93.3% of volunteers showed a reduction in hair loss, 73.3% showed a significant improvement in hair density, and 93.3% of volunteers reported being satisfied with the hair loss treatment.

On top of that, the brand offers a 150-day money back guarantee on its hair growth routine. That means that users have 150 days to try the routine, judge its efficacy by themselves, and ask for a refund if they’re not happy with the results they see.

Taking all these into our consideration easily places Scandinavian Biolabs Hair Growth Kit at our #1 spot.




  • Highly concentrated minoxidil promotes hair growth
  • The foam makes it pleasant and easy to apply to the scalp
  • Quality branding and packaging
  • Suitable for coily hair
  • Contains botanical agents to keep the hair healthy and hydrated – a big plus for coily hair prone to frizz and dryness


  • High incidence of side effects such as redness, irritation and itching
  • High amounts of additives and artificial ingredients

ROGAINE®’s products are pharmaceutical solutions typically containing 5% minoxidil – a proven treatment against hair loss. Their products are to be applied directly to the scalp. 

Scientific evidence suggests that this formula is well suited to coily hair, as active ingredients can easily penetrate the scalp and stimulate hair follicle activity – even if hairs are very dense, as it’s the case with people with coily hair. 

In addition to Minoxidil, Rogaine contains a wide range of botanical and emollients to moisturize and hydrate the hair deeply, and make sure our hair doesn’t dry or frizz. This makes it a strong choice for people with coily hair who are naturally more prone to dryness. 

Reviews for this product are overall positive, and there are many positive testimonials of people with coily hair who reduced hair loss with this formula.

Unfortunately, it’s also associated with side effects, most commonly irritation, redness, and itching. Its effectiveness is however clearly proven.

Overall, ROGAINE is a good-quality pharmaceutical hair growth product for people with curly hair, but does not provide more benefits than our number one choice while exposing users to more side effects.


Grow Gorgeous’ Intense Hair Growth Serum


  • Uses natural ingredients
  • No harmful additives
  • Doesn’t irritate the scalp or dry hair, suitable for people with coily hair
  • Contains two proven moisturizing agents to help coily hair stay healthy and hydrated
  • Low chances of side effects


  • Limited scientific evidence
  • No clear mechanism to promote hair growth

The Intense Hair Growth Serum by Grow Gorgeous is another strong alternative for people with coily hair.

The product uses a mix of 5 natural ingredients that promise to promote thicker hair and stimulate the roots of hair follicles. 

This company is known for using caffeine and biotin in its products – two ingredients that may help hair grow faster, without causing irritation (although scientific evidence remains limited for these two ingredients). This means it is particularly suitable for people with delicate coily hair, who may react badly to more aggressive growth-promoting compounds.

They also use niacinamide and allanton in their formula to keep the hair and scalp well moisturized at all times, which is very useful for people with frizz-prone coily hair.

Despite these claims, we were not able to find suitable scientific studies proving their claims that the ingredients can promote hair growth in vivo. The ingredients probably have many benefits for hair health, but we cannot conclusively agree that they will promote hair growth.

On the plus side, the serum is natural and does not contain additives — which minimizes the chances of side effects. But the lack of scientific evidence is a big problem and is why it’s only ranked 3th. It’s also very expensive considering the low quantity of active ingredients.


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