How A-List Hollywood Celebrities Keep Thick, Silky & Beautiful “Velvet Hair” At Any Age

1/10th of a second.

That’s the average time it takes for people to judge our overall attractiveness.

In less time than the blink of an eye, most people have already decided whether or not they find us attractive, according to research in psychology from Princeton University.

Most interestingly, among all our physical attributes, researchers have found that our hair could be the number one factor on which people evaluate our attractiveness:

According to recent surveys, 74% of men indicate that they notice women because of their hair, and 82% of men claim that “sexy hair” is a key element to a woman’s overall sex appeal.

Similarly, women indicate that healthy-looking hair is among the “top physical traits” that women want in their ideal man – suggesting that both men and women appear to place an extremely high importance on hair appearance.

But what exactly makes the hair of some people so attractive? Why do some lucky people have attractive hair their entire lives without any effort, while others try all kinds of treatments and procedures with nothing to show for it?

Luckily, scientists recently discovered that one, specific hair type is universally perceived as the gold standard of beauty: “velvet hair”.

Velvet hair is a subtle and elegant blend of extremely desirable and attractive hair features, including high hair density, thickness, and shine – the three “golden features” of velvet hair.

When we see someone with velvet hair, our brain automatically triggers subconscious feelings of attraction, by releasing powerful “attraction hormones” like oxytocin and serotonin.

As one of the rarest hair types according to science, it is often seen in A-List Hollywood celebrities and other extraordinarily attractive people.

Unfortunately, only very few people appear to be born with this hair type. The vast majority of people may have one of the features of “velvet hair”, but they very rarely have all three “golden features” combined.

The question that beauty specialists have been trying to answer for years is: is velvet hair genetic, or can people with normal hair develop this precious and extremely attractive hair type?

For a long time, the question has remained unanswered, despite many experimental trials.

But after multiple years of cross-disciplinary research, scientists may have finally identified three specific ingredients, that could potentially promote the development of the three attractive “golden features” of velvet hair naturally – regardless of the original hair type.

The first ingredient, a powerful vitamin contained in certain kinds of healthy mushrooms, has been shown to produce a “statistically significant increase” in the first “velvet hair” feature, according to The Journal of Clinical Dermatology.

The second ingredient, obtained from a little plant used in rituals by indigenous Austronesian tribes for over 2,000 years, could, according to direct studies, boost the appearance of the first “velvet hair” feature by up to 52%, and increase the number of cells promoting the second feature by 177%.

The third ingredient, extracted from a wild plant living in the depths of Ethiopian forests, has been clinically shown to increase the appearance of the third “velvet hair” feature by 81.8%.

All these ingredients combined have been shown to significantly improve the appearance and attractiveness of hair in a matter of weeks, by promoting the development of “velvet hair”.

Hundreds of volunteers who applied these three ingredients on their scalp have allegedly reported having visibly thicker, smoother, shinier, and healthier-looking hair.

In this new article, our investigators dive deep into these intriguing discoveries to see what specifically makes our hair attractive or not and whether this now-iconic “velvet hair” type is something that can realistically be attained through natural means.

Is Hair Really The Most Powerful Attraction Trigger?

Studies in psychology from the University of Princeton have shown that it takes us about one-tenth of a second on average to judge the overall attractiveness of someone.

That means that people basically make up their minds on whether or not they are attracted to us, three times faster than the blink of an eye…

But even more, interestingly, it would appear that hair could be the number one attraction trigger – or killer – according to recent research.

According to a recent survey conducted by Procter & Gamble, 74% of men indicate that they notice women because of their hair, and 82% of men claim that  “sexy hair” is a key element to a woman’s overall sex appeal.

Similarly, women indicate that healthy-looking hair is among the “top physical traits” that women want in their ideal man – suggesting that both men and women appear to place an extremely high importance on hair appearance.

It is therefore no surprise that some beauty experts keep saying that beautiful hair can literally turn someone “average” into someone “attractive”, by conventional standards.

The question is: why are we so attracted to beautiful, healthy-looking hair?

Well, research indicates that there are two primary reasons for that.

First, hair is one of the very first things people notice about us, because it literally sits at the top of our face, which is precisely and directly in the line of sight of most people.

Since people judge our attractiveness so quickly, and that hair is one of the very first thing they see, it is only fair that hair plays a major role in attraction.

But there is another, much deeper reason that may explain why we can feel such strong feelings of attraction when we see people with lush, shiny, and gorgeous hair…

This deep “biological” reason might explain why people with so-called “velvet hair”- one of the rarest and most universally attractive types of hair – can trigger almost primitive levels of attraction in the minds of other people, as we’ll discuss below.

The Surprising Biological Reason Why Our Brain Is “Primitively” Attracted To Beautiful Hair

According to anthropologists, our brain may be wired to be attracted to beautiful, healthy-looking hair, due to a natural process of sexual selection that has been running for over 200,000 years.

In primitive times, when survival was the primary concern due to extremely hostile natural environments, humans in superior health apparently had an evolutionary advantage.

Primitive humans showing visible signs of great health were perceived as more attractive by the opposite sex, because mating with them would increase their chances of survival and hence increase the likelihood of replicating their genes to next generations.

Since hair is one of the most visible parts of our body through which we can show good health, scientists have hypothesized that our ancestors might have been biologically conditioned to assess the “health status” of someone – and hence their attractiveness – based on the appearance of their hair.

That would explain why we still feel instinctively attracted to people with beautiful, healthy-looking hair, even if the evolutionary role of “good-looking hair” is no longer required in today’s living conditions.

In other words: our lifestyle might have changed dramatically over the past thousands of years, but the way our brain works and feels attraction has stayed relatively the same – we are still attracted to beautiful, healthy-looking hair just like our ancestors were.

As explained by distinguished Harvard evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould:

“There’s been no biological change in humans in 40,000 or 50,000 years. Everything we call culture and civilization we’ve built with the same body and brain”.

Now, you may wonder: what exactly happens to our brain when we see someone with beautiful, lush, and attractive hair?

Well, in most cases, it triggers an automatic neurological reaction triggered by hormones that instantly creates a feeling of attraction.

When we see attractive hair, a primitive part of our brain called the “hypothalamus” floods our body with two powerful neurotransmitters secreted through the pituitary gland: dopamine and norepinephrine.

Dopamine is the famous “feel good” hormone – it’s the chemical messenger that makes us feel pleasure, whenever we spend time with our loved ones, eat our favourite chocolate dessert, or have sex, for example.

Norepinephrine is a hormone that makes us extremely alert, by increasing heart rate, accelerating blood pumping, and dilating our pupils. It’s the hormone that kicks in immediately when we feel intensely attracted to someone or when we are scared.

It’s, therefore, no wonder why both men and women alike find beautiful, healthy-looking hair irresistibly attractive: our body is simply programmed to be attracted to good-looking hair.

Beautiful hair is like a secret weapon that unconsciously triggers feelings of attraction, which explains why so many celebrities have dedicated hairstylists to make them look as attractive as they can possibly be.

Fortunately, as we’re about to see, there is a simple and natural way to make our hair ten times more attractive by using a simple combination of natural ingredients.

3 Unconscious Features That Make Our Hair Irresistibly Attractive

For years now, scientists and beauty specialists have been looking for the specific traits that make hair universally and irresistibly attractive.

They have looked across thousands of hairstyles, textures, colours, and other traits from all regions of the world, for all ages, races, and sexes.

And after multiple years of cross-disciplinary research, scientists may have finally identified three specific hair features that tend to be universally considered as highly attractive and desirable.

The few people that combine all these three features together are often said to have “velvet hair” – one of the rarest and most universally attractive types of hair, according to science.

In fact, many A-List celebrities and other extraordinarily attractive people are often blessed with this rare type of hair, which tends to trigger unconscious but powerful feelings of attraction naturally.

The first “velvet hair” feature is none other than “hair density”. What is hair density? It’s simply the number of individual strands per square inch on our scalp.

The average person has approximately 2,200 strands of hair per square inch on their head, while someone with a very high density of hair may have over 2,500 strands per square inch.

What does density even matter? Because according to science, it’s one of the critical hair features that make our hair look attractive. It’s what makes our heads look full of healthy, dense, voluminous hairs.

In a 2016 study published in the journal “Frontiers in Psychology”, researchers asked a group of hundreds of volunteers to judge the overall attractiveness of several hair models (only the hair could be seen, not the face).

The only variable that changed between these heads was hair density: one model had a 100% hair density (the maximum), another had an 80% hair density, while two others had a 60% and 40% hair density, respectively.

The results were abundantly clear: the maximum density of 100% was judged to be the “youngest, healthiest and most attractive”.

Among the three features of “velvet hair”, density tends to be the most commonly found in people – meaning that many people have a decent hair density already (although it’s rarely found at the maximum, most attractive level).

The second “velvet hair” feature is “hair thickness”.

Hair thickness is the diameter of each hair strand we have on our head. This is what gives an elegant weight and mass to our hair.

Now, while there is still a popular debate about which of thick or thin hair is more attractive, the latest scientific findings appear to suggest that overall, thick hair might be the gold standard when it comes to hair attractiveness.

For example, a study published in 2015 has found that men with thicker hair on their head are generally seen as more successful and attractive than men with less thick hair.

Further, most female models and celebrities appearing in beauty magazines, such as Emma Stone, Gigi Hadid, or Salma Hayek, typically have thick hair as opposed to thin hair, to create a naturally attractive volume effect – although there are of course some counterexamples.

Fortunately, as we’re about to see, there is a proven and extremely effective way to increase hair thickness, thanks to a natural compound found in a small plant originating from India.

But before we do, let’s move on to the third and final feature of velvet hair: “hair shine”.

Hair shine is simply the degree of light that our hair naturally reflects. People with shiny hair have that smooth, glossy, and silky appearance that triggers immediate attraction, as seen in almost every hair model and A-List female celebrities.

It’s almost impossible not to be attracted by this glowing, glossy type of hair, because we are naturally drawn to shiny things, according to research from the Journal of Consumer Psychology.

Researchers have found that we have an innate tendency to be attracted by shine, due to a “primitive desire” to look for water to survive – and few things reflect light as well as water.

So, to summarize: hair density, thickness, and shine have been identified as being the most universally attractive hair features humans can possess.

When a person combines all these three features at the same time, it is often said that they have “velvet hair” – which is one of the rarest and most attractive hair types by conventional standards.

Unfortunately, only very few people appear to be born with this hair type. The vast majority of people may have one of the features of “velvet hair”, but they very rarely have all three “golden features” combined.

Fortunately, recent scientific discoveries could enable thousands of people to grow “velvet hair” naturally, thanks to three specific, little-known ingredients – which we will investigate in the next section…

3 Little-Known Ingredients That Can Promote Denser, Thicker & Shinier Hair Naturally

After multiple decades of research, this could finally be it:

Researchers have recently identified three natural ingredients, which could potentially promote the development of the three highly attractive features of velvet hair naturally.

All these ingredients combined have been shown to significantly improve the appearance and attractiveness of hair in a matter of weeks, by promoting the development of “velvet hair”.

The first ingredient is a potent vitamin contained in certain kinds of healthy mushrooms, called “niacinamide”. It can also be found in small quantities in peanuts and green peas.

A groundbreaking study from the prestigious Journal of Clinical Dermatology has shown that niacinamide could produce a “statistically significant increase” in hair density – the first feature of “velvet hair”.

It’s now widely seen as one of the most clinically effective vitamins to promote higher hair density naturally.

That’s why many celebrities and models often use hair solutions containing niacinamide to make their hair appear denser and fuller, thanks to the clinically proven efficiency of this little vitamin.

But perhaps the most unexpected discovery was that of the second ingredient to promote velvet hair: Capilia Longa.

This natural technology, derived from a little plant used in rituals by indigenous Austronesian tribes for over 2,000 years, has been shown to significantly increase both hair density and thickness (the first and second features of velvet hair, respectively).

During an experiment, scientists found that Capilia Longa – a small peptide derived from the plant Curcuma Longa – could increase the number of Dermal Papilla cells, a type of cell playing a key role in hair thickness, by nearly 177% after 48 hours, which is even higher than minoxidil.

In another study, researchers conducted a test on a group of 40 volunteers and administered Capilia Longa with a 1% dosage once per day on the scalp. The results were impressive – with a 52% improvement in hair density after 150 days.

This makes Capilia Longa one of the most effective ingredients ever discovered to promote both denser and thicker hair naturally, with no side effects.

But that’s not all…

Scientists were fortunate enough to discover a third ingredient that could stimulate the appearance of “velvet hair”: it’s called “Abyssinian seed oil”.

Abyssinian seed oil is a little-known yet extremely potent natural oil that comes from a mustard plant growing in the depths of Ethiopias forests.

This fine oil has been shown to significantly increase the appearance of the third and most mesmerizing “velvet hair” feature: hair shine.

In one study, tresses were cleansed with non-conditioning shampoo, dried overnight under controlled humidity (relative humidity rate maintained at 60%) and then coated with Abyssinian oil. The results were clear: the hair became significantly shinier, and the hair fibres were found to be noticeably stronger.

In another experiment measuring shine, it was found that the natural shine of untreated hair was 165 technical shine units – a scientific measure to evaluate the degree of light reflection. Researchers discovered that after applying Abyssinian oil on the hair, shine levels increased by 81.8%, reaching almost 300 units!

No wonder why this natural oil is now widely considered as one of the most effective ways to bring a healthy, lustrous shine to our hair.

It’s very high levels of unsaturated fatty acids instantly make our hair smoother and softer, which naturally increases the reflection of light – like smooth tiles on a house roof glistening under the sun.

All these scientific findings appear to suggest that applying these three ingredients together on the scalp (niacinamide, Capilia Longa, and Abyssinian oil) could indeed promote significantly denser, thicker, and shinier hair – the three key attributes of the iconic “velvet hair”, which tend to be seen in highly attractive people such as celebrities and models.

As it turns out, a young start-up from Denmark is currently sending shockwaves through the hair growth industry, with the highly anticipated release of the very first compound containing all three velvet-hair-promoting ingredients…

How A Young Scandinavian Start-Up Is Turning The $77.1 Billion Hair Care Industry Upside Down

It’s no secret that there are hundreds of hair care solutions on the market, making ever-bigger promises about improving hair growth and appearance.

Some of these solutions have indeed been proven to be effective in increasing hair density. Some others were known for promoting greater hair thickness, while others have been shown to increase hair shine.

But across all hair solutions available, not a single one is promoting the three “velvet hair” features simultaneously, namely hair density, thickness, and shine…

It’s for this reason that a young Danish company called Scandinavian Biolabs, decided to develop the first solution ever conceived to promote the sought-after appearance of “velvet hair” – hairs that are simultaneously dense, thick, and shiny. They wanted to do it in an ethical way, without misleading promises.

So they hired a team of chemists and scientists to create a comprehensive hair care routine for both men and women. Their scientific team spent countless hours digging through obscure scientific papers, looking for the best and most effective natural ingredients in the world to promote dense, thick and shiny hair at the same time.

After months of research, they finally came up with their now-famous proprietary Bio-Pilixin® formula. Bio-Pilixin® is a 3-step routine that takes just a few minutes per day to promote hair growth, density, thickness, and natural shine.

It’s an all-in-one formula containing a shampoo, conditioner and serum specifically designed to improve the appearance of hair naturally, and create an elegant, distinguished “velvet hair” look.

It contains the three “star ingredients” promoting velvet hair – namely niacinamide, Capilia Longa, and Abyssinian oil – in optimal dosage. Each ingredient has been methodically integrated into the hair routine to promote maximum density, thickness, and shine, by leveraging the clinically proven effects of these natural ingredients. It also contains several other natural compounds to further improve the smoothness and natural appearance of the hair.

The Truth About The Hair Care Industry

Since the hair care market is a $77.1 billion market expected to grow to $112.9 billion by 2028 according to Fortune Business Insights, it’s obviously attracting a lot of attention from new and established companies alike.

Unfortunately, since there are relatively few restrictions for the sale of hair care products, many dubious and sometimes downright dangerous products have been flooding the market over the last few years.

Even worse, many established medical solutions promoting better hair density or shine have been found to produce powerful side effects that can ruin someone’s quality of life.

Many hair growth products can lead to nausea, headaches, irritation, respiratory infections, acne, hair thinning, and the list goes on. Even worse, they often contain too little of the active ingredients they market to reduce their cost and increase their profit margins, at the expense of the consumers who get tricked by their dishonest advertising practices.

It’s for this reason that Scandinavian Biolabs wanted to build an honest and ethical hair care routine, built under the most rigorous clinical standards.

It only contains the scientifically proven dose of each ingredient to offer the maximum velvet-hair-promoting effect. It only uses compounds derived from natural ingredients to minimize the side effects of the formula. And it does not contain any harmful parabens, aluminium, and other dangerous additives found in other formulas.

Benefits of Scandinavian Biolabs’ Hair Care Routine

Thanks to Scandinavian Biolabs, thousands of people are already experiencing the following benefits…

  • Promote natural, attractive “velvet hair” appearance
  • Improved hair shine, density and thickness
  • Improved hair growth
  • Smoother, more pleasant hair texture
  • Enhanced hair strand strength and durability
  • And much, much more…

2 Routines Specifically For Men And Women

The hair-related problems of men and women are different and require slightly different solutions. This is why Scandinavian Biolabs offers two different routines — one for men, and another one for women. They both contain the powerful “velvet hair” ingredients (Capilia Longa, niacinamide, and Abyssinian oil), but use different dosages of other ingredients to offer maximal hair growth and appearance benefits.

More specifically, the routine for women is designed to maximize the smoothness and shine of hair while promoting hair thickness and density.

The routine for men is designed to increase hair density, thickness, and provide a subtle and naturally attractive shine. It can prevent hair loss by naturally maximizing hair growth.

How Fast Can We Expect To See Results With The Hair Care Routine?

It’s important to have realistic expectations when it comes to any product — but particularly for a product related to hair care.

The representatives of Scandinavian Biolabs have contacted us to ask us to clarify that their routine is specifically made for people who still have a decent amount of hair on their head, but who want to maximize the attractiveness of their hair by increasing their density, thickness and shine. If you’re already bald or going through advanced hair loss, their routine will not help you reverse hair loss.

They told us that they want to emphasize that their product is not a magic solution, and does not offer instant results. It takes on average 150 days to experience the first results of the routine, and the best results are experienced with long-term usage.

It’s refreshing to encounter a company that is so serious about managing expectations instead of just trying to just sell as many units as possible of their products without any regard for user results. Many of our readers have told us that the company was extremely honest when it comes to its promises and marketing.

How to order Scandinavian Biolabs’ Routine while it’s still available

After being featured in multiple media outlets and major websites recently, Scandinavian Biolabs’ Routines are quickly running out of stock. The manufacturer of the products recently issued a statement saying that the product might not be available for long, given how quickly it’s selling out.

The products often go out of stock because customers who are subscribed get preferential shipments compared to new customers. This means that people who subscribe to the routines are guaranteed to receive their products every month, which explains why the products run out of stock so often for new customers.

To take advantage of this special offer, click on the button below to check the availability of Scandinavian Biolabs’ routines and see if the products are still in stock.

An unconditional 150-day money-back guarantee

The company is so certain that the products will be helpful for you that it provides an unconditional 150-day money-back guarantee.

The terms are simple: if after 150 days you apply the routine consistently and do not see the desired results, you can get a full refund… You can even get a refund on a routine that you’ve already opened, and even if it’s empty!

This is because Scandinavian Biolabs knows that its routine delivers amazing results to its customers, which is why they’re so confident in the quality of its product.

Why most people choose to subscribe to their hair care routine

Most clinical studies show that to get the most out of Scandinavian Biolab’s routine to improve your hair, it’s important to use it on a daily basis over the long term.

The company is currently running a special promotion – if you decide to subscribe to the product, you can benefit from a 15% discount on the price of the routine. You can cancel your subscription at any time without any additional fees.

Furthermore, you can always add, skip or postpone your deliveries to always get the right amount of products you need.

Subscribing also guarantees that you will always get your routine every month, even if the routine is out of stock on the official website.

To place your order, click on the appropriate button below depending on if you’re a man or a woman. If the routine is still available, after clicking on the button below, you will be redirected to the product page, where you will be able to place your order.

After that, you will be redirected to the secure order page, where you will be able to pay in their ultra-secure order form.











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