2023 Ultimate Shampoo Comparison – What Are The Best Shampoos For Hair Growth & Thickness in the UK?

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry M.B.B.S.
By Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry M.B.B.S.
Updated on December 1, 2023

You Could be Losing Your Hair – and Your Shampoo Might be the Culprit!

Each year, millions are caught in the seemingly endless battle against hair thinning and loss, while the solution could be hiding in their very own bathroom – in their shampoo bottle.

You might not realize this, but the shampoo you’re using can play a critical role in determining the thickness, structure, and overall health of your hair. Exciting results from numerous recent clinical studies have shown that the right shampoo could promote hair growth, especially when used with the right accompanying products.

Sadly, many are oblivious to the harm their beloved shampoo might be causing, silently accelerating hair loss.

Our team of expert researchers has rigorously tested 30 shampoos to find the top 4 for you, making sure you’re equipped with the right information to make the best decision for your hair.

Let’s start by diving into the surprising connection between your shampoo and hair loss.

The hidden link between your shampoo & hair loss

Hair loss is often blamed on genetics or lifestyle choices, with shampoo rarely considered a contributing factor. The sobering reality is that your shampoo can be a significant player in causing hair loss and hair thinning.

Most shampoos are riddled with harmful toxins and additives, which, while enhancing the longevity and production process of the product, pose a threat to your hair’s health. It’s akin to using harsh pesticides on fertile soil – it might work well in the short term, but over time, it damages the soil’s quality. The same logic applies to your hair and the shampoo you use.

So, what makes your shampoo a potential accomplice in hair loss? It’s all about the tiny structures responsible for your hair growth – hair follicles. Harmful substances in many conventional shampoos seep into your scalp, damaging your hair follicles, and eventually leading to hair thinning and loss.

How to choose the perfect shampoo to fight hair loss?

Here are the essential criteria to consider

  • Amino acid blend for keratin stimulation: Keratin is the cornerstone of your hair, and its deficiency can trigger hair loss. It’s crucial to ensure your shampoo is enriched with a blend of amino acids that boost keratin levels.
  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3): This potent vitamin strengthens hair follicles and boosts keratin levels when applied to the scalp.
  • Ingredients for hair regeneration: A high-quality shampoo should contain ingredients that stimulate hair follicles and promote hair regeneration.
  • Free of artificial chemicals and additives: Avoid shampoos with artificial substances and chemicals. They can damage your hair follicles, triggering hair loss.

Unveiling our top picks

We’ve ranked the top 4 shampoos based on a meticulous analysis of ingredients, safety, effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and reimbursement guidelines (no one likes paying for nothing). Let’s reveal our top picks.

1: Scandinavian Biolabs’ Hair Strength Shampoo

Women’s Bio-Pilixin® Hair Strength Shampoo

Check Availability For Women

Men’s Bio-Pilixin® Hair Strength Shampoo

Check Availability For Men

Scandinavian Biolabs’ Hair Strength Shampoo, while a stellar choice in its own right, is best used in tandem with their Bio-Pilixin® Activation Serum for optimal results. This Danish brand’s flagship hair growth kits, tailored for men, ingeniously blend a trio of products: shampoo, conditioner, and serum. Each is fortified with clinically tested ingredients to foster natural hair growth.

The shampoo, although effective, contains lower concentrations of the key active ingredients that drive hair growth. This is where the Bio-Pilixin Activation Serum comes into play, boosting the overall efficacy.

The effectiveness of these products has been corroborated by an independent study conducted by the Capillary Technology Center over five months. The key findings are impressive:

  • 93.3% of volunteers experienced a reduction in hair loss, with an average reduction of 45.75% and a peak reduction of 85.08%.
  • 73.3% noted a significant improvement in hair density, witnessing up to a 23.31% increase in capillary density.
  • A 17.5% increase in hair in the anagen (growth) phase and a 36.5% decrease in the telogen (rest) phase were observed after 150 days.
  • 80% of volunteers reported a moderate-to-intense reduction in hair loss.
  • An overwhelming 93.3% expressed satisfaction with the treatment’s impact on hair loss.

Coupled with a 150-day money-back guarantee, choosing Scandinavian Biolabs for hair care is a decision supported by scientific evidence and customer satisfaction.

2: Hairburst Hair Growth Shampoo

Hairburst’s Hair Growth Shampoo is a strong contender with an amino acid blend to stimulate healthy keratin levels. It lacks ingredients promoting hair growth but is still a solid formula that mitigates the damage of conventional shampoos.

3: ThickTails Hair Growth Shampoo

ThickTails’ Hair Growth Shampoo features biotin for hair density, and caffeine for vitality. Despite the lack of scientific evidence for the active ingredients, this shampoo is free of harmful ingredients.

4: Plantur 21 #Longhair Caffeine Shampoo

Plantur 21, though free of harmful ingredients, lacks proven hair growth boosters. It’s a reasonable choice but falls behind the others in our ranking.


These powerful formulas are flying off the shelves quickly, so don’t miss out. Choose the shampoo that best suits your hair and needs, and start your journey to stronger, healthier hair today!

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