Top 4 Natural Alternatives To Minoxidil Worth Trying

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry M.B.B.S.
By Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry M.B.B.S.
Updated on December 3, 2023
Millions of men and women around the world have to deal with early hair loss or hair thinning. According to the American Hair Loss Association, more than 50% of men start losing their hair in their mid-twenties, and two-thirds of them already have “bald spots” in their scalp before 35.

While women tend to be less concerned by baldness, a study from Harvard Medical School found that 30% of women are affected by significant hair thinning. Given the negative impact hair loss can have on our confidence and self-esteem, thousands of men and women are now turning to hair loss solutions to limit hair loss and improve hair density.

This led to the important commercial success of minoxidil: by far one of the most popular FDA-approved hair loss drugs on the market – commercialized under the name Rogaine. While the clinical efficacy of minoxidil is well established, scientific studies do suggest that it is only effective in 60-70% of people who use it – which means that up to 40% of people who try it don’t see any difference in how their hair looks.

Most importantly, the drug has been shown to cause several side effects, some of them being quite severe, including dizziness, fainting, swelling, unusual weight gain, irregular heartbeat, erectile dysfunction, or even infertility, in some cases.

Due to the uncertain efficacy and potential side effects of this hair-loss drug, many people who want to grow more hair on their scalp are now looking into natural alternatives to minoxidil.

The problem is: that the market for natural hair loss solutions has been largely unregulated, leading to the proliferation of heavily marketed “natural hair loss solutions” of limited efficacy. There are so many natural alternatives to minoxidil today that it can be hard to distinguish between natural hair loss solutions backed by sound scientific evidence and hair loss marketing fads that promise a lot but deliver little.

The goal of this article is to share with our readers several natural alternatives to minoxidil that are scientifically tested to stimulate hair growth and produce little to no side effects. This review has been conducted in collaboration with several trichologists and dermatologists to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the information presented.

What You Need To Know About Minoxidil

finasteride alternatives to minoxidil

While the use of minoxidil has been criticized by many – notably due to its numerous potential side effects – it remains one of the few FDA-approved hair loss drugs that have been clinically shown to reduce hair loss across multiple scientific studies.

For instance, a study found that minoxidil used for 16 weeks resulted in over 60% of patients self-reporting an improvement in hair count, relative to a 42% improvement in a placebo group. The drug was found to increase the rate of hair regrowth and reverse hair loss, especially on the crown of the head.

That being said, several clinical trials have shown that this drug is only effective in 60-70% of people who use it, which means that up to 40% of people who try it don’t see any difference in how their hair looks.

Further, according to the Mayo Clinic, minoxidil is associated with multiple side effects which can sometimes greatly alter our quality of life. Commonly reported side effects include dizziness, fainting, swelling, unusual weight gain, difficulty breathing, irregular heartbeat, erectile dysfunction, or even infertility, in some cases.

So as it’s the case with many other drugs, minoxidil is not a perfect solution. But it does remain nonetheless a reliable hair loss solution for some people who react well to the chemical action of the molecule, and who are lucky enough not to deal with its common side effects.

3 Reasons To Opt For A Natural Alternative To Minoxidil

For the reasons mentioned above, thousands of men and women who are dealing with hair loss and thinning are looking into natural alternatives to minoxidil to help grow their hair back – without having to deal with disturbing side effects.

A “natural” hair loss solution can be defined as a solution composed mostly of natural or plant-powered active ingredients that can help promote the growth of hair, without using chemical drugs that may lead to adverse side effects.

We present below the main reasons to choose a natural hair loss solution over minoxidil, according to trichologists.

Reason #1: Natural hair solutions produce minimal to no side effects, unlike minoxidil

Since natural hair loss solutions are mostly composed of plant-based active ingredients, there are no drug-based substances that may harm our hair – unlike hair loss drugs that use chemical substances that are likely to irritate our scalp.

Further, the vast majority of natural hair loss solutions currently available on the market – regardless of their actual efficacy on hair loss – produce a tiny amount of side effects because they generally don’t use aggressive chemical substances, only naturally derived ones (such as molecules extracted from plants).

As such, one of the main benefits of natural hair loss products is that, unlike minoxidil, they are more unlikely to produce any harmful side effects (which doesn’t mean they are all effective). So people who try natural hair loss solutions generally don’t have to worry about experiencing undesirable effects on their bodies.

Reason #2: Some natural hair loss products have already shown strong clinical efficacy against hair loss

While many natural hair loss products produce little to no significant benefit when it comes to hair growth, some natural solutions have been clinically tested to help reduce the magnitude of hair loss, stimulate the growth of new hair, and improve hair density (we’ll present a list of these solutions in a moment).

In fact, some of these solutions use natural compounds that have been shown to be at least as effective as minoxidil in helping reduce hair loss and boost hair growth. For instance, the plant-based compound “Capilia Longa” – a natural molecule that has gained significant traction in the scientific community recently – was found to produce 177% hair follicle activity after 48 hours, compared to only 170% for minoxidil.

According to researchers, a higher hair follicle activity “correlates with a faster growth of new hair created” – meaning that the more active our hair follicles, the more hair we grow.
We’ll share more details about these clinically effective natural hair loss solutions below.

Reason #3: Some natural hair loss solutions provide other “side benefits” that hair-loss drugs don’t

Hair loss drugs like minoxidil tend to be focused on one thing: reducing hair loss. On the other hand, some natural hair loss solutions have been found to provide other “side benefits” beyond hair loss, including a cleaner scalp, strong hair fiber, natural hair shine, and a smoother hair texture.

In other words, natural hair loss solutions are not only used by people who want to reduce hair loss: they are also used by men and women who simply want healthier, better-looking hair – whether they’re losing their hair or not.

Bottom line: some natural hair loss solutions are multi-purpose. They can help reduce hair loss and improve the appearance of the hair.

Now that you know the main benefits of natural hair loss solutions, you may wonder: how to choose a natural solution that is both safe and effective? That’s what we’re about to see.

Key Things To Look For In A Natural Hair Loss Solution

aloe vera

Criteria #1: Has to contain active ingredients that are clinically tested to stimulate hair growth

While natural hair loss solutions can seem like a very strong alternative to minoxidil, they are not created equal.

There are many solutions on the market that barely do anything to stimulate hair growth. These “solutions” may improve the appearance of the hair, but they don’t actually make our hair grow back. Brands that sell these solutions often use aggressive and sometimes deceptive marketing to trick the consumer into thinking that their product can restart hair growth – when in fact it can’t. It’s a largely unregulated industry, so it’s important to be very careful.

On the other hand, there are a few natural hair loss solutions that have been clinically tested to help reduce hair loss and increase hair density, based on sound, peer-reviewed scientific studies. Those are the natural solutions you should aim for if you’re interested in a natural alternative to minoxidil.

And it’s not often easy to distinguish between natural hair loss solutions backed by sound scientific evidence and hair loss marketing fads that promise a lot but deliver little. As a rule of thumb, if you see a solution that makes a lot of big claims on its website (such as “grow your hair back in 30 days or less”), without proving these claims with scientific studies, then we’d advise to be on the cautious side.

Only look for natural hair loss solutions that are grounded in science.

Criteria #2: Has to use only plant-powered active ingredients

Active ingredients are the molecules contained in the solution that deliver the promised benefits. In this case, active ingredients are those which help promote hair growth and reduce hair loss.

In order to choose a natural solution that is healthy, safe, and without major side effects, always make sure that it uses active ingredients that are natural or naturally derived. For example, plant-based compounds, natural vitamins, and herbal extracts are completely natural. It’s therefore good practice to look for these types of ingredients when choosing a natural alternative to minoxidil.

Criteria #3: Minimal side effects

Finally, have a look at the product specifications to see if it produces any major side effects. High-quality natural hair loss solutions are generally limited in side effects because they’re made of bio-optimized ingredients that are gentle and healthy for the scalp.

That being said, as mentioned by several top dermatologists, even the most effective and healthy natural hair loss solutions can cause small side effects, such as a very mild burning sensation on the scalp. That’s because many of these products have to use alcohol to “open up” the hair follicles, and let the active natural ingredients “do their job” of growing the hair at its root.

So seeing alcohol in the list of ingredients of a natural solution is NOT a red flag, on the contrary: it’s a sign that the product is targeting the root of the hair follicle, which is where all the growth is happening.

Products that don’t use alcohol are generally less effective at growing back hair, because without alcohol to “dilate” the hair follicles, active, growth-promoting ingredients can’t get absorbed into our scalp. That’s why most hair loss specialists tend to recommend using natural hair loss solutions that use a small dose of alcohol.

Criteria #4: Beware of misleading promises. Only opt for brands with transparent communication

As you may have seen already, there are a lot of brands out there that are making big claims about how great their hair products are, promising results that sound too good to be true. In this raging ocean of marketing mania, it can be difficult to know who to trust.

As a rule of thumb, you should avoid brands that are making outrageous promises about hair growth, such as “grow your hair back within days”. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Hair growth takes time, and even the highest-quality natural hair loss solutions out there can’t produce results overnight. Growing new hair on our scalp can realistically take several months. Any product that claims to produce results faster is likely to use misleading marketing that is not backed by scientific evidence.

Therefore, if you want quality natural hair loss solutions that help stimulate the growth of healthy, dense hair in a natural way, only opt for brands that are honest and transparent in their communication. Look for products that use growth-promoting molecules backed by science, and who set realistic expectations about how fast users can see results.

Our Specialized Ranking System

This specialized ranking system follows a unique and comprehensive process in which we measure the value of the products by carefully evaluating the ingredient safety, projected effectiveness, natural score, value, and customer satisfaction. These factors, combined with the latest studies and clinical trials, make it easy to choose the best natural minoxidil alternatives available on the market, saving you both time and money.

The Top 4 Best Natural Minoxidil Alternatives On The Market Today

After hours of extensive research, in consideration of peer-reviewed scientific studies, combined ratings and verified online reviews from customers just like you, we’ve compiled a list of the top four natural Minoxidil alternatives on the market today.

1. Scandinavian Biolabs Hair Growth Routine


The Bio-Pilixin® formula was developed by the well-known Danish brand Scandinavian Biolabs and is in Denmark. The mission of the company is to provide products with similar or superior benefits to pharmaceutical solutions, using exclusively plant-based ingredients with minimal side effects.

This hair growth system uses a powerful and clinically tested natural compound called “Capilia Longa”. Extracted from an Indian called Curcuma Longa, Capilia Long has been found in multiple scientific studies to help reduce hair loss and increase hair density naturally, by boosting the production of IGF-1 (a hormone responsible for growing hair).

It is regularly praised by top hair loss specialists for being one of the strongest plant-based alternatives to minoxidil, due to the exceptional hair growth benefits it demonstrated in numerous clinical studies.

Their flagship hair growth kit contains 3 products — a shampoo, a conditioner, and a serum. Each product in the kit contains several clinically tested ingredients that can help promote hair growth naturally.

The clinical efficacy of Scandinavian Biolabs’ Bio-Pilixin® hair growth formula has been independently evaluated by the Capillary Technology Center through the course of a 5-month study.

Here are the key clinical findings of the study, as reported by researchers after 150 days of usage:
  • 93.3% of volunteers showed a reduction in hair loss. The average hair loss reduction was 45.75%, with a maximum hair loss reduction of 85.08% (volunteer 26)
  • 73.3% of volunteers showed a significant improvement in hair density. Capillary density increased by up to 23.31% after the usage.
  • 17.5% increase in the number of hair in the anagen (growth) phase after 150 days. 36.5% decrease in the number of hairs in the telogen (rest) phase after usage.
  • 80% of volunteers reported a moderate-to-intense hair loss reduction.
  • 93.3% of volunteers reported being satisfied with the hair loss usage.

The hair growth kits are protected by an unmatched 150-day money-back guarantee, reflecting the brand’s confidence in their formula. Their hair growth kit is available in a man’s version and a woman’s version

All of the ingredients in the formula have a long history of safety and have no major known side effects. This makes Scandinavian Biolabs’ hair growth kit a safe and effective hair growth solution.


  • Clinical study independently evaluated by the Capillary Technology Center
  • Increased levels of IGF-1 in the scalp, a key hormone for hair growth, are 26% more effective than minoxidil.
  • Comprehensive hair growth solution with a shampoo, conditioner, and serum
  • Very few risks of powerful side effects
  • 150 days money-back guarantee


  • Can run out of stock quickly
  • Might be seen as relatively expensive for people with modest budgets, but we find the price warranted given the excellent customer feedback and clinical efficacy of active ingredients.

Women’s Bio-Pilixin® Hair Growth Routine

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Men’s Bio-Pilixin® Hair Growth Routine

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2. Folexin


  • Established brand of natural hair loss supplements
  • Contains natural ingredients that have been scientifically tested to
    stimulate hair growth
  • Positive customer reviews suggest the product is effective overall
  • No major side effects reported


  • Doesn’t work for everyone.
  • Many users didn’t see any visible results after over 6 months of use
  • May cause allergic reactions

Folexin is another great minoxidil alternative and one of the leading natural supplements for hair loss today with minimal side effects. This product contains a lot of natural nutrients and ingredients that have been clinically shown to prevent hair thinning and promote the growth of healthy-looking hair.

Ingredients contained in this natural formula include Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root – which have both been shown to block the production of DHT in the body (a molecule responsible for the shrinkage of hair follicles that is causing hair loss).

Folexin also contains Biotin (or Vitamin B7): a water-soluble vitamin that has been found to support various processes in the body, including hair growth. It also helps contribute to maintaining healthy skin and nails.

Another key natural ingredient of this natural Folexin formula is folic acid (Vitamin B9), which supports the production of red blood cells. Red blood cells are important because they ensure that there is a sufficient supply of oxygen around the hair follicles. Without sufficient blood cells, hair follicles start to shrink due to a lack of oxygen, which in turn causes hair loss.

No major side effects were reported by users. That said, we note that the product may potentially contain allergen as the process and facility where Folexin is made are not allergen-proof. The natural ingredients contained in the supplement may also cause allergic reactions.

Finally, most users appear to be satisfied with these hair-loss supplements, we’d like to point out that a non-negligible number of users reported seeing no result at all, even after long-time usage. So just like minoxidil, this natural hair loss supplement may not work for everyone (but at least it’s natural and doesn’t produce any of the side effects of minoxidil).

3. Nutrafol


  • Uses only evidence-backed ingredients to promote hair growth
  • Showed promising results in 3-6 months in clinical trials
  • High degree of transparency on the science of each ingredient the company uses in its supplement
  • Not only useful for hair loss. May also improve overall wellness


  • Relatively expensive compared to other natural hair loss solutions. The price difference is unwarranted, in our view
  • A non-negligible number of users didn’t see any results, according to Amazon reviews

Nutrafol is a well-researched natural hair loss solution. The company only uses evidence-backed ingredients to craft its hair growth supplements.

This natural hair growth supplement uses a synergy complex that is a proprietary blend of powerful botanical extracts that have been shown to target the root cause of poor hair health. The blend includes saw palmetto, curcumin, ashwagandha, and marine collagen.

Saw Palmetto helps by blocking the production of DHT: a molecule that happens to be one of the leading causes of hair thinning, which can then result in permanent hair loss. Ashwagandha has been shown to keep stress hormones like cortisol in check. High levels of cortisol have been associated with a decrease in the hair growth cycle, which tends to result in early hair loss.

The marine collagen contained in this supplement provides proteins and amino acids necessary to produce keratin, which is a key protein our hair is made of. Keratin is very important to keep strong, durable hair.

Clinical trials have shown promising hair growth results for men within 3 to 6 months, with a noticeable improvement in hair thickness after 4 months. Hair growth always takes time, so it’s good to see a company that sets realistic expectations by sharing the results of its studies.

While this product is mainly targeted at stimulating hair growth, it can also improve our overall wellness. It is made to help decrease stress and fatigue, improve sleep quality, and impact several other factors that may lead to hair loss in men and women.

While most users appear to be generally satisfied with the product, we note that a non-negligible number of users didn’t notice any major improvements in their scalp – although we’re conscious that no solution can work for everyone.

Further, if the formula is very costly compared to other natural hair loss solutions – a price difference that is not justified given the customer feedback (which is good overall but not exceptional), in our view.

Nutrafol Hair Supplement

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4. Valotin


  • Product made by a reputed company with good user feedback
  • 100% natural, fully based on herbal extracts and vitamins
  • Cheaper than most natural hair loss solutions


  • Lack of transparency with regard to potential side effects
  • Very short 30-day money-back guarantee. Not enough time to see results as hair growth takes time

Valotin Hair Growth Support is a natural hair loss supplement made by the company VitaPost Balance – a reputed health company that has received a lot of positive feedback from users.

Valotin haircare supplements use herbal extracts and vitamins that help the hair grow and remain healthy. The supplement contains vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts that have been clinically shown to boost healthy hair growth, including Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin C, Zinc, Iron, Calcium, Biotin, Folate, Potassium Gluconate, and Magnesium Oxide.

All these organic ingredients have been found to stimulate hair growth at its root by nourishing the hair follicles. To obtain visible results, users are recommended to take 2 pills per day – sufficiently apart from other medicines.

While the supplement doesn’t list any major side effects, the manufacturer of Valotin does recommend that users talk to their doctor, which may suggest that there are some unknown side effects for certain people – otherwise there would be no point in providing this kind of preventive indication.

A key benefit of Valotin is its price – it is relatively cheap compared to other natural hair loss solutions. That being said, we note that it only offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is fairly short in the realm of hair loss products.

Since it can take at least one or two months to see any visible results with any type of hair loss solution, 30 days might not be enough to form a robust opinion on the efficiency of the product. So people may not be able to return it in case the supplement doesn’t work for them – which is somewhat disappointing for an otherwise good quality natural hair loss supplement.

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