The Truth About Hair Growth Serums – Do They Really Work, And What Are The Best Ones In 2022?

Every year, billions of euros are spent on serums by men and women trying to fight hair loss and grow their hair back.

But do they really work? And if they do, what are the best ones on the market right now?

In this article, our scientific team at My Health Guide conducts an in-depth review of hair growth serums to uncover the truth behind their effectiveness, and see if any of them really lives up to their promises.

Do Hair Growth Serums Really Work? Here’s What Science Tells Us

It might seem strange that applying any kind of serum on the scalp would actually help to grow hair back or fight hair loss.

Fortunately, it’s possible to study closely most serums to see how they work. First, let’s look at why exactly some unlucky people tend to deal with hair loss while others don’t.

According to recent studies, it has to do with two common factors:

  • Hormonal imbalance, leading to an acceleration of the hair growth cycle. Hair follicles that would last 30 to 40 years on a normal scalp shorten their lifespan to 10 or 20 years
  • Genes being expressed to further shorten the hair growth cycle – also known as epigenetic expression

In other words, it comes down to hormones and gene expression – directly affecting the length of the hair growth cycle.

Now, let’s look at how serious hair growth serums usually claim to work:

  • They impact hormones levels locally in the scalp
  • They can help extend the hair growth cycle through various mechanisms
  • They affect epigenetic expression, leading to the expression of genes associated with hair growth and hair health

This means the science behind hair growth serums is sound, and they do have the potential to grow hair back and fight hair loss. Which means the key question now is – which hair serums actually work based on the mechanism above?

How To Choose A Safe & Effective Hair Growth Serum

Based on our analysis of multiple clinical studies, it seems like effective hair growth serums that offer lasting results all have several characteristics in common:

  1. They use a clinically proven compound or compounds to rebalance hormones levels in the scalp
  2. They’re able to extend the hair growth cycle in a direct way
  3. They can increase the expression of key genes associated with hair growth

This means the ideal hair growth serum would have to fit all 3 of these criteria above to offer optimal hair growth results.

On a higher level, there are 2 additional things to look for:

  1. How well the serum is absorbed into the scalp – a serum can only be effective if it penetrates the scalp consistently
  2. How safe the serum is for long-term use, and any side effects it may produce

The Results Of My Health Guide’s Definitive Study Of Hair Growth Serums

Based on our detailed research, we have been able to identify 4 hair growth serums that really stand out. We present below in ranked order.

#1 Hair Growth Serum In 2022 – Scandinavian Biolabs’ Bio-Pilixin® Activation Serum

As one of the market leaders in clinically proven, natural hair growth products, Scandinavian Biolabs’ hair growth serum tops our 2022 ranking.

This is mostly because it’s the only hair growth serum we were able to find that satisfies all 3 of our key hair growth mechanisms.

Thanks to their proprietary Bio-Pilixin® formula – and their unique ingredient Capilia Longa, a curcuma-derived compound isolated by a biotech lab — the formula is able to produce some impressive results.

Based on our lab analysis, it’s the only product in our selection able to re-balance hair growth factors, extend the hair growth cycle and improve the gene expression of key hair growth genes at the same time. This makes it the most complete and reliable product in our selection.

All analysis shows the serum effectively penetrates the scalp and has minimal side effects aside from a slight burning sensation for some users.

The company backs the serum with their 150-day money-back guarantee, a key factor on the customer experience side of the equation.


  • Effectively re-balances hair growth factors
  • Can extend the hair growth cycle
  • Increases epigenetic expression of hair growth genes
  • 150-day money-back guarantee


  • Slight burning sensation for some users
  • Frequently runs out of stock



#2 Hair Growth Serum In 2022 – EssyNaturals’ Hair Growth Oil

With a strong combination of natural ingredients, EssyNaturals’ serum takes the second spot in our ranking. Its main active ingredient, caffeine, is clinically proven to extend the hair growth cycle, making it an effective ingredient to prevent hair loss.

The addition of nutrients such as castor oil, biotin and rosemary oil can also help improve hair quality and density, a welcome addition to a hair growth serum.

Where the formula is lacking is in the department of normal balance and hair growth gene expression, for which it doesn’t include any ingredients.

Overall, EssyNaturals’ serum is a solid formula that can help improve overall hair growth and density.


  • Caffeine is clinically proven to extend the hair growth cycle
  • Natural nutrients can improve hair density


  • No ingredients for scalp hormonal re-balance
  • No ingredients for hair growth gene expression


#3 Hair Growth Serum In 2022 – Forest & Shore Thrive Hair Oil

Forest & Shore’s serum offers an interesting blend of castor oil, and caffeine, as well as a set of essential oils, to revitalize and preserve damaged hair.

The strength of the formula is the large diversity of ingredients that can work together to repair damaged hair. The caffeine and biotin combination can prove effective at extending the hair growth cycle, a key feature of an effective serum.

What the formula is lacking, however, is the concentration and absorbability of some of the other formulas. It also doesn’t have any effect on hormonal balance or hair growth gene expression.


  • Effective at repairing damaged hair with a diverse nutrient blend
  • Can extend the hair growth cycle


  • No effect on scalp hormonal balance or hair growth gene expression
  • Low concentration and absorbability


#4 Hair Growth Serum In 2022 – Grow Gorgeous Intense Hair Growth Serum

Grow Gorgeous is a premium formula for hair growth, combining larch tree extract and green tea as its main ingredients.

The combination of larch tree and green tea proves effective to extend the hair growth cycle but doesn’t offer any specific benefits for hormonal balance and gene expression in the scalp.

It was one of the most absorbable serums in our ranking which is a nice feature that will improve its effectiveness over time. However, it lacks the strength or larger blend of ingredients of our top 3 products above.


  • Effective, concentrated formula to extend the hair growth cycle
  • Highly absorbable


  • No effect on scalp hormonal balance or hair growth gene expression
  • Lack of ingredient strength or diversity


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