​​New 4-Minute Routine To Grow Thick, Long, “Egyptian” Eyelashes Naturally, Without Using Mascara Or Extensions

8 to 10 millimetres.

That is, according to recent research, the most universally attractive length of eyelashes for women.

Also known as “Egyptian” eyelashes, these thick, fluttery natural eyelashes are so long that women who have them almost look like they’re wearing mascara… even when they don’t!

These “lucky” women can go out completely bare-faced, and may appear even more attractive than others who spend hours in the bathroom polishing their eyelash game…

Unfortunately, not every woman can grow eyelashes this long…

For most people, eyelashes fall way before they have the time to reach this perfect, “Egyptian” length of 8-10mm.

That’s why millions of women feel like they can’t even go out without wearing mascara or eyelash extensions…

Because without their makeup, they know they’re treated completely differently. They stop receiving compliments. 

It feels like they can only look good with their “mask on”, but when they show their real, natural face… It’s another story…

 Fortunately, there is a scientifically proven way to grow long, thick, “Egyptian” eyelashes completely naturally – even for women who have shorter eyelashes.

And it has nothing to do with sticky eyelash extensions, surgery, or potentially harmful medications.

It’s a naturally-derived formula recently discovered by scientists that can extend the “eyelash growth phase”, and promote longer, thicker, and fuller eyelashes naturally, without any side effects.

By applying this formula to the eyelashes in just 4 minutes per day, thousands of women are reporting that they get thicker, more attractive eyelashes naturally.

In fact, studies have shown that this little-known technology could potentially double the length of the “eyelash growth phase”, by boosting the production of a powerful hormone responsible for eyelash growth down to the cellular level…

That basically means that someone with short, 4-millimetre eyelashes could start growing long, thick, 8-millimetre eyelashes in a matter of months, completely naturally.

All thanks to this new 4-minute routine that is currently turning the entire eyelash industry upside down…

Since this groundbreaking solution was made available to the public, thousands of women are allegedly reporting having longer and fuller eyelashes naturally. Some even report having completely dropped their mascara…

In this new article, we take a detailed look at this fabulous discovery to see if it really lives up to the hype.

The Truth About Eyelash Extensions

Beautiful eyes are one of the most reliable “attraction magnets” a woman can have, according to Marianne LaFrance, professor of psychology at Yale University.

In fact, surveys have shown that men rank women’s eyes as the number one trait that attracts them the most!

And it turns out that eyelashes play a major role in making our eyes look beautiful…

Dozens of peer-reviewed studies have shown that long eyelashes accentuate the eyes, and make them look bigger, more feminine, and more attractive.

That’s why millions of women spend so much time making sure their lashes are perfect. And that’s why so many women would never dare to go out without mascara…

But as we’ll see, there are some women whose eyelashes are so naturally long and thick that they don’t even need to wear makeup to look absolutely gorgeous 24/7…

The good news is: there is a simple routine that nearly any woman can follow to grow these perfect eyelashes completely naturally, in a matter of weeks.

But before we do, we need to talk about a serious subject: eyelash extensions…

Many women use eyelash extensions to make their lashes look longer and thicker than they really are. And given the massive social pressure on eye beauty, it’s not really surprising…

But what they don’t know – and it’s not their fault – is that fake eyelashes can cause permanent damage to natural eyelashes over time…

According to Andra Marin, artistic director and expert lash stylist based in New York, wearing fake eyelashes can cause excess stress to the hair follicle, which can make our natural eyelashes fall out prematurely.

When this happens, our eyelash “growth cycle” becomes shorter, and our natural eyelashes tend to grow shorter and shorter over time…

As a result, women who use eyelash extensions on a daily basis have a higher risk of ending up with “bald eyes” – when the eyes are literally naked, without any eyelashes.

Women with “bald eyes” often feel more vulnerable, less confident, and are generally perceived as much less feminine and attractive than other women. Even a very attractive woman can become “odd-looking” if she loses her eyelashes.

Eyelash loss is a true nightmare for any woman caring about her appearance, and it happens more often than you think…

But that’s not all.

Wearing false eyelashes can also create nasty eyelids and eye infections.

“False eyelashes can increase the risk of eyelid and eye infections,” explains Dr. Alberto Distefano, an ophthalmologist at Boston University School of Medicine.

“Bacteria can build up under or on the glue and on the lashes themselves when worn for an extended period of time. With the lashes in place, it’s difficult to clean around the eyes, allowing bacteria to build up.” 

That’s why more and more women who are wearing fake extensions are reporting burning sensations in the eyes, redness of the eyelid, persistent eye itching, or even severe swelling.

And as upsetting as it may sound, mascara is not great for the eyelashes either (although still better than extensions). Studies showed that regular mascara use can make our lashes dry and brittle, making them more likely to break off…

That’s why it’s extremely important to grow long eyelashes naturally, instead of using fake extensions and products to make them look longer than they are.

Long natural eyelashes combine the best of both worlds: you can be the most beautiful version of yourself without having to suffer eye infections or potential eyelash loss.

Fortunately, there is a natural way to grow long and beautiful eyelashes that can work for almost anyone, without having to use any heavy extensions or taking harmful drugs.

Is This Strange Ritual From Ancient Egypt Really The Key To Long, Thick Natural Eyelashes?

young beautiful woman eye closeup

Ancient Egypt is known for many things. The Pyramids. The Pharaohs. Mathematics. Its beautiful deserts. And the list goes on…

But it is also known for this: the extraordinarily long, thick, and beautiful eyelashes of Egyptian women!

For thousands of years, women of ancient Egypt have mesmerized the world with their legendary “doe eyes” and their long, thick and lustrous lashes that seem to never end…

But the way they grew these extraordinarily beautiful eyelashes is far from glamorous…

According to historians, noble Egyptian women (including Cleopatra herself, reputed for her war-triggering beauty) would follow a very strange beauty ritual to grow their lashes longer, thicker, and darker…

They would spend hours preparing a strange mixture made of honey, charcoal, and… crocodile dung… before applying it on their lashes!

But what exactly made those eyelashes so beautiful?

Well, according to historians and anthropologists, it was all about the length: many Egyptian women had very long eyelashes, allegedly ranging from 8 to 10 millimetres.

And it turns out that this specific size was later found to be the optimal, most universally attractive length of eyelashes… 

For example, a 2020 study conducted by the prestigious American Psychological Association asked 51 participants to judge the attractiveness of female faces.

The only thing that changed was the length of eyelashes: a computer-generated 11 different lengths of eyelashes for the same female face, ranging from 0 millimetres to around 0.13 millimetres.

The results were very clear: faces with eyelashes of 8 to 10 millimetres were perceived as the most attractive overall, both from the perspective of men and women.

So it’s no surprise why Egyptian women were perceived as so hauntingly beautiful: they had the perfect, most scientifically attractive length of eyelashes! 

That’s why some well-known beauty stylists are now calling this ideal length of 8-10 millimetres “Egyptian” eyelashes.

It’s the same lash length that you see on many highly attractive women, including supermodels and Hollywood A-List celebrities.

At this length, eyelashes look so long and lustrous that it becomes hard to tell if they’re wearing makeup or not…

In fact, women who have these sought-after Egyptian eyelashes on top of having dark hair, often look like they are wearing mascara all the time – even when they’re not! 

The question is: is it possible to grow this perfect length of eyelashes naturally, without having to wear any heavy and potentially dangerous extensions?

For a long time, there was no solution. But a recent scientific breakthrough is pointing to the contrary…

Why Do Some Women Keep Long, Thick Eyelashes Naturally While Others Don’t

Why do some lucky women have naturally long, thick, “Egyptian” eyelashes, while others have almost “invisible” eyelashes when they don’t wear mascara?

It’s not fair! 

But there is a simple explanation for that: scientists have found that women with naturally long eyelashes have a longer “eyelash growth phase”. 

Fortunately, as we’ll see in a second, there is a proven way to increase the length of our eyelashes completely naturally, thanks to a little-known routine that can extend the duration of the “eyelash growth phase”.

You’ve probably never heard of this new routine. Yet it’s one of the secret weapons of many models to make their eyes look incredibly feminine and sensual when posing bare-faced… 

But before we do, let’s start with the basics.

You see, your eyelashes go through three main phases: the anagen phase (active growth phase), the catagen phase (transition phase), and the telogen phase (resting phase). 

All the growth happens during the anagen phase – also called the “eyelash growth phase”.

That means that once the eyelash growth phase is over, your eyelashes stop growing. They keep the exact same length for around 3 to 4 months, before falling out naturally, at the end of telogen phase.

After that, new eyelashes start growing again, and the cycle repeats itself.

But here is the thing: the duration of the eyelash growth phase can vary from 4… to 10 weeks!

And this can make an enormous difference in eyelash length, given that each lash grows at 0.12 to 0.14 millimetres per day…

For example, let’s take a woman who has a 4-week eyelash growth cycle, and a rate of eyelash growth of 0.14 millimetres per day. 

After 4 weeks, her eyelashes will have reached a maximum length of around 4 millimetres – which is pretty short, by common standards… 

Now, if this same woman had an eyelash growth cycle of 10 weeks instead of 4 weeks, she could naturally grow her eyelashes to… 9.8 millimetres!

At this length, she would almost look like a completely different person. And a much more attractive one…

Well, the good news is:

Thanks to a recent scientific discovery, it is now possible to extend the “eyelash growth cycle”…

…Which means that even women with short eyelashes can grow long, “Egyptian” eyelashes naturally, without using any extensions or other harmful products. 

The Little Hormone That May Extend The “Eyelash Growth Cycle” & Promote Long, Thick, “Egyptian” Eyelashes

Imagine having eyelashes that are so long and beautiful that you don’t even need to spend one minute in the bathroom applying mascara every morning… 

You can just go out bare-faced, feeling and looking gorgeous without even trying. Wherever you go, both men and women instantly fall under the spell of your beauty, as if you were wearing perfectly applied makeup… 

Except you don’t… It’s just the natural, “real” you!

When you go out, all your friends have to apply ultra-dark mascara if they want to keep up with your natural “eyelash game”, your unfair natural advantage…

And when you do wear makeup on top of your already magnificent eyelashes, well… You just become out of everyone’s reach! 

Well, this is not fantasy. This is reality. Reality grounded in hard, quantifiable science.

During an analysis of the hair growth cycle, scientists realized that a hormone called “IGF-1” could be the potential key to natural eyelash growth.

Researchers have found that women with lower levels of this hormone in their eyelids tend to have a much shorter “eyelash growth phase”, meaning that their lashes would reach their maximal length very quickly.

And dozens of studies have shown that IGF-1 plays a key role in modulating hair follicle activity and the length of the growth phase (the anagen phase).

And this can be a complete game-changer for the way our eyelashes look…

Let’s say you have a 5-week eyelash growth phase, and that your lashes grow at 0.12 mm per day.

At the end of the growth phase, you’ll only reach a maximum eyelash length of 4.2 mm – which is far below the “sweet spot” of 8-10 mm (the so-called “Egyptian” eyelashes). 

But if you extend your eyelash growth phase from 5 weeks to 10 weeks via IGF-1… you could be looking at natural eyelashes of 8.4 millimetres! 

No need for extensions. No need for mascara. Your eyes would look naturally gorgeous, 24/7… 

So now we know that the more IGF-1 we have in our eyelids, the longer our eyelashes can grow.

But is it even possible to boost IGF-1 to extend our eyelash growth phase and hence grow longer eyelashes naturally? 

A Biotech Breakthrough To Boost This Eyelash Growth Hormone & Grow Longer, Thicker Lashes Naturally

For a long time, there was no scientifically proven way to boost IGF-1 production in the eyelids, naturally.

That’s why a few years ago, a team of researchers from a cutting-edge biotech lab called Vytrus Biotech joined forces to find a natural way to boost IGF-1 levels in the eyelids.

Over multiple years, they have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in research in order to identify natural molecules that could modulate the hair growth cycle.

This technology is called “Capilia Longa” – a powerful natural compound extracted from an Indian plant named Curcuma Longa. 

During an in vitro experiment, scientists measured the effect of Capilia Longa on human dermal papilla cells and found that it was able to increase levels of the growth hormone IGF-1 by 115% in the span of just 24 hours!

Capilia Longa was also found to increase the number of dermal papilla cells, a type of cell playing a key role in hair and eyelash growth and thickness, by nearly 177% after 48 hours…  

And as it turns out, a young Scandinavian startup is using this revolutionary new technology to help millions of women grow longer eyelashes naturally…

How A Young Scandinavian Startup Is Turning The Entire Eyelash Industry Upside Down 

At this point, you are probably wondering how you can get your hands on this new technology that can stimulate eyelash growth naturally. 

Due to its pristine reputation in the industry, the biotech lab Vytrus did a lot of research to find a high-quality company that could commercialize its powerful Capilia Longa compound.

They finally partnered with Scandinavian Biolabs – a startup founded by talented Danish entrepreneurs who wanted to disrupt the eyelash growth industry.

This company had been working for years on a complete serum to promote eyelash growth in a natural way. And they wanted to do it in an ethical way, without misleading promises. 

So they hired a team of chemists and scientists to create a comprehensive eyelash growth routine for women. Their scientific team spent countless hours digging through obscure scientific papers, looking for the best and most effective natural ingredients in the world to promote long, thick, “Egyptian” eyelashes. 

After months of research, they finally came up with their proprietary Bio-Pilixin® formula. Bio-Pilixin® takes just a few minutes per day to promote stronger, longer, and thicker natural eyelashes. The formula can be easily applied on the eyelashes thanks to a user-friendly eyelash serum.

The serum contains the powerful technology Capilia Longa in optimal quantities to stimulate the growth of natural eyelashes. It also contains many other natural ingredients scientifically proven to enhance the appearance of natural eyelashes, and repair the damage caused by beauty products for healthy lashes.

The Truth About The Eyelash Growth Industry

The eyelash growth industry is a $738.9 million market expected to grow to $1,029.6 million by 2026, according to 360 Research Reports. Given its very fast growth and high profitability, this market is obviously attracting a lot of attention from new and established companies alike.

Unfortunately, since there are relatively few restrictions for the sale of eyelash growth products, many dubious and sometimes downright dangerous products have been flooding the market over the last few years…

Even worse, many established medical solutions promoting longer eyelashes have been found to produce powerful side effects that can ruin someone’s quality of life.

For example, many eyelash growth serums (especially those made of non-natural ingredients) have been shown to cause itchy eyes, eyelid swelling, brown pigments in the iris of the eye, allergic reactions, and the list goes on… 

What’s more, they often contain too little of the active ingredients they market to reduce their cost and increase their profit margins – at the expense of the consumers who get tricked by their dishonest advertising practices.

It’s for this reason that Scandinavian Biolabs wanted to build an honest and ethical eyelash growth serum, built under the most rigorous clinical standards.

The eyelash growth serum only contains the scientifically proven dose of each ingredient to promote healthy, strong, and long eyelashes. It only uses compounds derived from natural ingredients to minimize the side effects of the formula. And it does not contain any harmful prostaglandins, parabens, aluminum, and other additives found in other formulas.

Benefits of Scandinavian Biolabs’ Eyelash Growth Serum

Thanks to Scandinavian Biolabs, thousands of women are already experiencing the following benefits…

  • Longer, denser, thicker eyelashes
  • Stronger and more durable eyelash fibres
  • Enhanced appearance of natural eyelashes
  • Stronger eyelash resistance to beauty products
  • Improved eyelash growth
  • And much, much more…

How Fast Can We Expect To See Results With The Eyelash Growth Serum?

It’s important to have realistic expectations when it comes to any product — but particularly for a product related to eyelash growth.

The representatives of Scandinavian Biolabs have contacted us to ask us to clarify that their product is not a miracle solution, and does not offer instant results. Based on what they know about Capilia Longa and the hair growth cycle, they theorize It takes on average 4 to 6 weeks of continuous use to see significant results, and the best results are experienced with long-term usage. That said, most users usually notice naturally stronger and healthier eyelashes within the two weeks of using the serum.

It’s refreshing to encounter a company that is so serious about managing expectations instead of just trying to just sell as many units as possible of their products without any regards for user results. Many of our readers have told us that the company was extremely honest when it comes to their promises and marketing.

How To Order Scandinavian Biolabs’ Eyelash Growth Serum While It’s Still Available

After being featured in multiple media outlets and major websites recently, Scandinavian Biolabs’ eyelash growth serums are quickly running out of stock. The manufacturer of the products recently issued a statement saying that the product might not be available for long, given how quickly it’s selling out. 

The products often go out of stock because customers who are subscribed get preferential shipments compared to new customers. This means that people who subscribe to the eyelash routines are guaranteed to receive their products every month, which explains why the products run out of stock so often for new customers. 

To take advantage of this special offer, click on the button below to check the availability of Scandinavian Biolabs’ eyelash growth serum and see if the products are still in stock.

An Unconditional 150-day Money-Back Guarantee

The company is so certain that the products will be helpful for you that it provides an unconditional 150-day money-back guarantee.

The terms are simple: if after 150 days you apply the routine consistently and do not see the desired results, you can get a full refund… You can even get a refund on a routine that you’ve already opened, and even if it’s empty!

This is because Scandinavian Biolabs knows that its routine delivers amazing results to its customers, which is why they’re so confident in the quality of their product.

Why Most People Choose To Subscribe To Their Eyelash Routine

Most clinical studies show that to get the most out of Scandinavian Biolab’s routine to improve the appearance of your eyelashes, it’s important to use it on a daily basis over the long term.

The company is currently running a special promotion – if you decide to subscribe to the product, you can benefit from a 15% discount on the price of the routine. You can cancel your subscription at any time without any additional fees.

Furthermore, you can always add, skip or postpone your deliveries to always get the right amount of products you need.

Subscribing also guarantees that you will always get your routine every month, even if the routine is out of stock on the official website.

To place your order, click on the availability button below. If the routine is still available, after clicking on the button below, you will be redirected to the product page, where you will be able to place your order.

After that, you will be redirected to the secure order page, where you will be able to pay in their ultra-secure order form.












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