What Are The Best Men’s Hair Growth Products On The Market Right Now?

Dr. Guilherme Tude
By Dr. Guilherme Tude
Updated on June 10, 2024

Dozens of new hair loss products hit the market every year. Finding out which are effective and good and which are not can be a real nightmare.

It is clear that many ingredients can help reduce hair loss and help promote hair growth. Recent scientific studies show that many ingredients can boost the flow of nutrients to the scalp to help reduce hair loss for example.

As with all health products, however, there are also differences in the formulation for hair loss products. The effects can also vary and not every product is suitable for every person.

Hair loss products are generally very safe, but there are ingredients to watch out for that can cause adverse effects such as allergic reactions or irritation. It is therefore important to do your research before buying and using a hair loss product. This is the only way to ensure that what you are buying is effective and of the highest quality.

This guide is designed to help you make the best choice from the products currently available.

What Are The Benefits Of Hair Growth Products?

Most hair loss products usually work by either slowing down the hair growth cycle or altering the levels of several key hormones.

Through these mechanisms, a good hair growth product can usually offer the following benefits:

  • They can reduce the tendency for hair to fall out
  • They can help promote hair thickness and reduce thinning hair
  • They can improve the shine and appearance of existing hair

Using a good hair growth solution is an important step for people who want to preserve and improve their appearance. This is why it is particularly important to find the right product.

3 Common MYTHS About Hair Growth Products

There may be countless success stories about the effects of hair growth products, but there is also a lot of misinformation and the inevitable myths that may influence purchasing decisions. But these are just myths, and it’s important to see them as such.

Myth #1: Hair growth products do not work

Many people are extremely skeptical of any product promising hair growth. Due to the frequent appearance of “online scams” promoting miraculous results, a lot of people have lost faith in their ability to get thicker hair. However, many clinical, scientific studies have shown that several ingredients and compounds can offer impressive benefits to help promote hair growth and reduce hair loss.

Myth #2: All hair growth products have dangerous side effects

Many people are scared of the potential side effects of hair growth products. This can be the case for many products, but the best way to avoid side effects is using products with plant-based ingredients which are dermatologically tested and scientifically studied.

Myth #3: It’s possible to grow hair on a bald head or bald spot

On the other hand, it’s important to be realistic about the effectiveness of hair growth products. If someone is already bald or has a fully bald spot on their head, hair growth products will never be able to grow their hair. Hair growth products are very effective for people with early hair loss, but lose their effectiveness when symptoms become too advanced.

3 FACTS About Hair Growth Products

In addition to myths, we also have facts for you. We introduce you to three well-known facts so that you can better understand the less well-known benefits and effects of hair growth products.

Fact #1: Hair growth products can work for the long term

Hair growth products are not just quick fixes and must be continued in order to maintain results. Many ingredients can offer benefits over years and decades, to prevent further hair loss and promote thicker hair naturally. The right hair growth solution can keep offering benefits for an extremely long time.

Fact #2: Hair growth products can improve the appearance of existing hair

When the right molecular mechanisms are targeted, it’s possible to improve the appearance and “shine” of existing hair strands over the long term. Many hair growth solutions include ingredients to improve the appearance of existing hair.

Fact #3: Hair growth products can work for men and women of any age

Several ingredients have been studied and tested to help reduce hair loss and promote hair thickness in men and women of very different age groups. This means whether you’re in your 20s or 50s, the right hair growth product can make a big difference.

The 3 Most Important Criteria To Consider When Choosing A Hair Growth Solution

According to several meta-analysis studies, several ingredients can actually help promote hair growth naturally. However, dozens of others are simply “folk remedies” with little to no scientific evidence in humans.

It’s best to buy from a company that can show studies for the effectiveness of their ingredients to make sure you will experience visible benefits.

According to other recent studies, many hair growth solutions can have a wide range of side effects — from irritation and acne to hormonal dysfunction and even infections.

The best way to avoid this issue is to choose a product with plant-based ingredients that have a long history of safety and reliability.

Criteria #3: It has to be a comprehensive hair growth solution

Many hair growth products promise to contain the “miracle” ingredient that will fix the problem for good. The truth is, hair loss is a complex issue, and only a solution with a multitude of ingredients to address the root cause of hair loss will provide real, visible benefits.

Our Special Evaluation System

The ratings in this article are based on a system of specialized criteria. In a comprehensive process, we compare the products by carefully evaluating the ingredients, safety, effectiveness, reimbursement guidelines, and overall trial customer satisfaction. By evaluating these factors, combined with the latest studies and clinicals, we make it easy for you to choose the best hair growth product on the market while saving both time and money.

The 4 best hair growth products on the market today

After hours of intensive research, and considering combined ratings and online reviews from customers like you, we’ve compiled a list of the top four hair growth products on the market.

1: Scandinavian Biolabs’ Bio-Pilixin® Hair Growth Kit


The Bio-Pilixin® formula was developed by the well-known Danish brand Scandinavian Biolabs and is in Denmark. The mission of the company is to provide products with similar or superior benefits to pharmaceutical solutions, using exclusively plant-based ingredients with minimal side effects.

Their flagship hair growth kit contains 3 products — a shampoo, a conditioner, and a serum. Each product in the kit contains several clinically tested ingredients that can help promote hair growth naturally.

The clinical efficacy of Scandinavian Biolabs’ Bio-Pilixin® hair growth formula has been independently evaluated by the Capillary Technology Center through the course of a 5-month study.

Here are the key clinical findings of the study, as reported by researchers after 150 days of usage:
  • 93.3% of volunteers showed a reduction in hair loss. The average hair loss reduction was 45.75%, with a maximum hair loss reduction of 85.08% (volunteer 26)
  • 73.3% of volunteers showed a significant improvement in hair density. Capillary density increased by up to 23.31% after the usage.
  • 17.5% increase in the number of hair in the anagen (growth) phase after 150 days. 36.5% decrease in the number of hair in the telogen (rest) phase after usage.
  • 80% of volunteers reported a moderate-to-intense hair loss reduction.
  • 93.3% of volunteers reported being satisfied with the hair loss usage.

The hair growth kits are protected by an unmatched 150-day money-back guarantee, reflecting the brand’s confidence in their formula. Their hair growth kit is available in a man’s version and a woman’s version

All of the ingredients in the formula have a long history of safety and have no major known side effects. This makes Scandinavian Biolabs’ hair growth kit a safe and effective hair growth solution.


  • Clinical study independently evaluated by the Capillary Technology Center
  • Increased levels of IGF-1 in the scalp, a key hormone for hair growth, 26% more effectively than minoxidil.
  • Comprehensive hair growth solution with a shampoo, conditioner, and serum
  • Very few risks of powerful side effects
  • 150 days money-back guarantee


  • Can run out of stock quickly
  • Might be seen as relatively expensive for people with modest budgets, but we find the price warranted given the excellent customer feedback and clinical efficacy of active ingredients.

Bio-Pilixin® Hair Growth Routine

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2: ROGAINE®’s Minoxidil Products


ROGAINE®’s products are pharmaceutical solutions typically containing minoxidil. Their products are to be applied directly to the scalp. In addition to Minoxidil, the product also contains botanical extracts and emollients, as well as Alphahydroxy Acid (AHA).

Minoxidil is a scientifically studied ingredient to promote hair growth. Unfortunately, it’s also associated with side effects, most commonly irritation, blood pressure changes redness, and itching. Its effectiveness is however clearly proven.

Overall, ROGAINE is a good pharmaceutical hair growth product but does not provide more benefits than our number one choice while exposing users to more side effects.


  • Highly concentrated minoxidil promotes hair growth
  • The foam makes it pleasant and easy to apply to the scalp
  • Quality branding and packaging


  • High incidence of powerful side effects such as irritation, redness, and itching
  • High amounts of additives and artificial ingredients

Rogaine Minoxidil

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3: Foligain’s Trioxidil Products


Foligain’s Trioxidil is a direct competitor and alternative to ROGAINE. Their core products either use Trioxidil, a minoxidil alternative, and often contain natural ingredients to complement the pharmaceutically active compound.

Their offer a wide range of shampoos and conditioners as well. However, only the core 10% Trioxidil solution has clinical evidence showing it can promote hair growth. Furthermore, the strength of the scientific evidence for Trioxidil is limited compared to Minoxidil.

However, the fact that the products do not contain parabens and the most harmful additives is a big bonus. Overall, it’s a less effective but slightly safer version of ROGAINE, which is why we cannot rank it higher.


  • Has clinical evidence for hair loss claims
  • Relatively few additives for a pharmaceutical product
  • Easy application


  • Trioxidil is associated with many harmful side effects
  • No long-term studies

Foligain Trioxidil

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4: Grow Gorgeous’ Intense Hair Growth Serum


We switch to a natural product for the 4th place – and focus on Grow Gorgeous’ strongest product, their Intense Hair Growth Serum. The product uses a mix of 5 natural ingredients that promise to promote thicker hair and stimulate the roots of hair follicles.

Despite these claims, we were not able to find suitable scientific studies proving their claims that the ingredients can promote hair growth in vivo. The ingredients probably have many benefits for hair health, but we cannot conclusively agree that they will promote hair growth.

On the plus side, the serum is natural and does not contain additives — which minimizes the chances of side effects. But the lack of scientific evidence is a big problem and is why it’s only ranked 4th. It’s also very expensive considering the low quantity of active ingredients.


  • Natural ingredients
  • No harmful additives
  • Low chances of side effects


  • Very limited scientific evidence
  • No clear mechanism to promote hair growth

Grow Gorgeous Hair Serum

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