What Are The Best Eyelash Growth Serums On The Market in 2023?

Dr. Dusan Sekulic M.D
By Dr. Dusan Sekulic M.D
Updated on December 1, 2023

It seems like there are dozens of new eyelash growth serums coming out every year — and it can be a true nightmare to find out which ones are effective and which ones aren’t.

It’s clear that eyelash growth serums can have amazing benefits. Recent scientific studies have shown that they can improve natural eyelash growth, help grow stronger and more durable eyelash fibers, and promote denser, thicker eyelashes that are less likely to shed.

However, like all beauty products, eyelash growth serums may vary in formulation, and their effects also vary between those who use them. While lash growth serums are generally safe, some of them can occasionally cause annoying side effects, such as itchy eyes, eyelid swelling, burning sensations, or allergic reactions.

That is why it’s important to do some research before you purchase any eyelash growth serums – to make sure that what you buy is safe, effective, of the highest quality, and not a complete waste of money.

This guide was specifically made to help you narrow down the choices available on the market today.

Why Should You Use Eyelash Serums?

 What are the main reasons to use eyelash growth serums? 

  1. They can promote longer, denser, and thicker eyelashes, without having to use fake and potentially harmful extensions
  2. They can enhance the strength and durability of eyelash fibers
  3. They can enhance the natural appearance of eyelashes, including for women with short lashes
  4. They can improve the resistance of eyelashes to common beauty products
  5. They can promote healthy eyelash growth

Using eyelash growth serums is a big step for women who want to improve the length and density of their eyelashes to make their eyes stand out naturally, which is why it’s important to find the right one among the many varying choices out there. 

3 MYTHS About Eyelash Growth Serums

There are tons of success stories about the use of eyelash growth serums, but it comes with the spread of false information or the inevitable myths, that influence your decision to purchase certain products. But they’re exactly that: myths, and are highly likely untrue.

Myth #1: Eyelash serums don’t work, they can’t grow longer eyelashes

Many people believe that lash serums are just another marketing hype and that those serums do little to make eyelashes grow longer. And this degree of skepticism is understandable.

After all, there are a lot of heavily marketed products out there that are making very big claims that sound too good to be true, with zero concrete scientific evidence and little result to show for it…

That being said, if some lash serums can indeed be misleading in their marketing, there are a few dozen formulas on the market that have been scientifically proven to grow eyelashes. The key thing to keep in mind is that not all lash serums are created equal…

Some serums contain ingredients like plant oils or moisturizers to condition the lashes and prevent them from breaking. Due to their protective effect, these lash “conditioners” may, in effect, help lashes grow longer (because a lash that doesn’t break can continue to grow), but they don’t stimulate the growth of the eyelash hair at its root.

The problem is that these eyelash conditioners are labeling themselves as “eyelash growth serums”, which can be misleading for people looking to grow longer eyelashes. 

On the other hand, there are lash serums that contain ingredients that have been clinically proven to boost the growth of eyelashes. 

That’s why if you want a serum that makes your eyelashes grow longer, it’s important that you only look at products that contain proven growth-promoting compounds backed by scientific evidence. We’ll present several of these products in a minute.

Myth #2: Eyelash growth serums make eyelashes look worse over time

Perhaps one of the biggest myths out there! As long as growth serums are using safe, natural ingredients tested in laboratory conditions, there should be no side effects on the appearance of lashes over time.

What is true, however, is that people need to keep using eyelash growth serums if they want to maintain a great lash length.

Why is that? Because eyelash hair follicles contain some of the fastest-growing cells in the human body, which means that their life cycle is relatively short. At some point, the long lashes that you can grow with a serum will naturally fall, and if you stop using the serum, you will simply grow “normal” eyelashes, as you used to.

The bottom line is: that lash growth serums don’t make your eyelashes look worse if you stop using them. The worst thing that can happen is that your eyelashes will just come back to their “normal” size (which may look only small in comparison to long lashes nourished with a serum).

So you can keep using growth serums as long as you want, without having to worry about the health of your lashes (as long as you’re using a quality serum containing natural and safe ingredients).

Myth #3: You can use natural oils to grow longer eyelashes instead of serums

You may have heard about castor oil or coconut oil, often described as “miracle oils” that could grow longer eyelashes almost overnight, or so they say…

There is certainly a lot of hype around them, and many people are buying them. But from a purely scientific perspective, there is zero credible clinical evidence showing that these so-called “miracle oils” can grow longer eyelashes.

It is true that castor oil can easily penetrate the skin due to its low molecular size, and may give the illusion of fuller eyelashes due to its ability to reflect light. And it is also true that coconut oil can protect hair from breakage due to its nourishing fatty acids.

However there is minimal scientific evidence that could suggest that any of these oils could somehow affect lash growth.

For these reasons, despite all their big claims, these oils cannot be seen as a serious alternative to eyelash growth serums, because, unlike serums, they can’t make lashes grow longer.

3 TRUTHS About Eyelash Growth Serums

Here’s a checklist of three known facts to help you further understand the other benefits and effects of eyelash growth serums.

Fact #1: They can make eyelashes grow longer, but not overnight

Indeed, some eyelash serums can indeed promote the growth of lashes, using growth-promoting molecules. Multiple clinical studies have found that powerful natural compounds such as Capilia Longa, could promote the growth of lashes by extending the “eyelash growth cycle” (the duration over which lashes grow). 

That said, beware of the marketers who tell you that your eyelashes will grow “overnight” with their “revolutionary” lash serum. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…

Yes, quality growth serum can make eyelashes grow longer and thicker, but you can realistically expect to see clear results (that is, visibly longer lashes) within 4 to 6 weeks of continuous use.

Why is that? Because it takes time for new lashes to grow and replace old ones.

You see, lashes go through three main phases: the anagen phase (active growth phase), the catagen phase (transition phase), and the telogen phase (resting phase). Your lashes only grow in the anagen phase. In the other phases (catagen and telogen), they just rest and “wait” to fall out.

The thing is: only 15-40% of your lashes are in the growth phase at any given time, meaning that more than half of your lashes are either resting or due to fall soon, before leaving room for new ones.

Since this “resting phase” usually lasts several weeks, it means that you have to wait a few weeks before seeing new lashes growing longer thanks to the growth serum. That said, once this 4-6 week delay has passed, eyelashes can keep their long, beautiful length, as long as you keep applying the serum.

Fact #2: They can make our eyes look bigger and more attractive

A key benefit of these growth serums is that by making eyelashes grow longer, they can make the eyes look bigger and hence more attractive.

Dozens of peer-reviewed studies have shown that long eyelashes accentuate the eyes, and make them look bigger, more feminine, and more attractive.

One of the psychological studies examined the attractiveness of female faces based on eyelash length. The only thing that changed was the length of eyelashes: a computer-generated 11 different lengths of eyelashes for the same female face, ranging from 0 millimeters to around c.13 millimeters.

The results of the study showed that women with longer eyelashes are perceived as much more attractive.

The results were very clear: faces with long eyelashes of 8 to 10 millimeters were perceived as the most attractive overall, both from the perspective of men and women.

On the other hand, women with short eyelashes, are often perceived as less attractive, because their eyes may tend to look duller. The advantage of lash growth serums is that they can help women with short lashes grow long lashes, without even having to apply mascara to look good.

Fact #3: They can promote stronger and fuller eyelashes without side effects

Aside from promoting eyelash growth, most quality growth serums also contain ingredients that can strengthen the lash hair fiber and increase its thickness. That’s why thousands of users report having thicker, fuller, and more durable eyelashes once they start applying lash growth serums.

Quality lash serums have been rigorously tested in lab conditions for several years, and are therefore completely safe to use.

Key Things To Look For In An Eyelash Growth Serum 

Criteria #1: Has to only use ingredients that have been clinically proven to promote longer eyelashes

Many questionable manufacturers of lash growth serums often use misleading marketing, basically saying that their product can grow eyelashes longer, when in fact they don’t contain any growth-promoting ingredients. 

The few clinically proven ingredients that can stimulate eyelash growth from the root are expensive to produce and relatively hard to procure. That’s why many brands don’t include these growth ingredients in their products, to save costs and grow their profits.

Instead, they use cheap conditioning ingredients like castor or coconut oil, and use smart marketing to make consumers believe that their formula can make their eyelashes grow longer… Even if there is little scientific evidence to prove it. 

On the other hand, some select producers of growth serums use ingredients that have been clinically shown to stimulate eyelash growth at its root, as we’ll discuss in a second. When tested on human subjects, these molecules have been shown to increase the length of eyelashes within 4-8 weeks. 

As of today, one of the most effective and clinically validated molecules to promote longer eyelashes naturally is “Capilia Longa” – a powerful natural compound extracted from an Indian plant named Curcuma Longa.

During an experiment, scientists who measured the effect of Capilia Longa on humans found that it was able to increase levels of eyelash growth hormone IGF-1 by 115% in just 24 hours. Hundreds of volunteers who used Capilia Longa over several weeks reported seeing visibly longer eyelashes.

Criteria #2: Has to only use purely natural ingredients to keep the eyelid healthy and prevent harmful side effects

Since there are relatively few restrictions for the sale of eyelash growth products, many dubious and sometimes potentially dangerous products have been flooding the market over the last few years…

Even worse, many established medical solutions promoting longer eyelashes have been found to produce side effects.

For example, several eyelash growth serums (especially those made of non-natural ingredients) have been shown to cause itchy eyes, eyelid swelling, brown pigments in the iris of the eye, allergic reactions, and the list goes on…

That’s why it’s critical to only use growth serums containing natural ingredients, to prevent harmful side effects and keep your eyelids perfectly healthy.

To make sure of that, it’s good practice to look at the list of ingredients of each serum and ensure that it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients such as parabens or aluminum.

If you see mentions like “naturally derived” on the product, you can be sure that the serum is naturally made and safe to use. 

Criteria #3: Beware of misleading promises. Only opt for brands with transparent communication

As you may have seen already, there are a lot of brands out there that are making big claims about how great their lash products are, promising results that sound too good to be true. In this raging ocean of marketing mania, it can be difficult to know who to trust. 

As a rule of thumb, you should avoid brands that are making outrageous promises about lash growth, such as “grow longer eyelashes within days”, or “longer eyelashes overnight”. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

As we’ve seen already, eyelash growth takes time, and even the most high-quality growth serums out there can’t produce results overnight. It takes at least 4-6 weeks to grow visibly longer eyelashes using clinically validated growth serums. Any product that claims to produce results faster is likely to use misleading marketing that is not backed by scientific evidence. 

Therefore, if you want a quality growth serum that promotes longer and healthier lashes, only opt for brands that are honest and transparent in their communication. Look for products that use growth-promoting molecules backed by science, and who set realistic expectations about how fast users can see results. 

Our Ranking System

This specialized ranking system follows a unique and comprehensive process in which we measure the value of the products by carefully evaluating the ingredient safety, projected effectiveness, natural score, value, and customer satisfaction. These factors, combined with the latest studies and clinical trials, make it easy to choose the best eyelash growth serums available on the market, saving you both time and money. 

Top 5 Eyelash Growth Serums On The Market Today

After hours of extensive research, in consideration of peer-reviewed scientific studies, combined ratings, and verified online reviews from customers just like you, we’ve compiled a list of the top five eyelash growth serums on the market today.

1. Scandinavian Biolabs Eyelash Growth Serum


  • Only contains naturally-derived ingredients that have been clinically proven to promote longer and stronger eyelashes
  • 100% naturally derived with no side effects.
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Transparent communication setting realistic expectations
  • Exceptional price-performance ratio
  • Offers a 150-day money-back guarantee to give people the chance to try it risk-free
  • Established natural brand trusted by hundreds of happy customers


  • Can run out of stock quickly
  • Might be seen as relatively expensive for people with modest budgets


Scandinavian Biolabs Eyelash Growth Serum is a premium lash growth formula created by a reputed Danish company called Scandinavian Biolabs. Founded by a talented team of Danish entrepreneurs, Scandinavian Biolabs has been featured in numerous high-profile health magazines, including GQ, Women’s Health, and Vanity Fair. 

This naturally-derived serum contains a powerful and clinically validated ingredient available to stimulate eyelash growth: Capilia Longa.

Extracted from a natural Indian plant called Curcuma Longa, Capilia Longa has been shown to promote longer eyelashes by extending the duration of the eyelash growth phase – the cycle during which lashes are growing.

During an experiment, scientists who measured the effect of Capilia Longa on humans found that it was able to increase levels of hair growth hormone IGF-1 by 115% in just 24 hours (a key hormone responsible for modulating lash length and thickness). Further studies have shown that Capilia Longa could increase the number of Dermal Papilla cells, a type of cell playing a key role in eyelash growth and thickness, by nearly 177% after 48 hours. 

Scandinavian Biolabs hired a team of scientists to integrate this powerful plant-based compound into an eyelash growth serum that could promote longer lashes naturally.

After months of research, they finally came up with their proprietary Bio-Pilixin® formula, which contains Capilia Longa in optimal quantities, along with several natural ingredients promoting lash growth. 

Bio-Pilixin® is a 3-step routine that takes just a few minutes per day to promote stronger, longer, and thicker natural eyelashes. The formula can be easily applied to the eyelashes thanks to a user-friendly eyelash serum.

Unlike many other brands on the market, the company is fully transparent with regard to the results people can expect to obtain by using their eyelash growth serum. On its website, it mentions that it takes an average 4 to 6 weeks of continuous use to see significant results, and the best results are experienced with long-term usage.

Further, the eyelash growth serum only contains the scientifically proven dose of each ingredient to promote healthy, strong, and long eyelashes. It only uses compounds derived from natural ingredients to minimize the side effects of the formula. And it does not contain any harmful parabens, aluminum, and other dangerous additives found in other formulas.

Finally, the product has an average user score of 5/5 based on dozens of verified customer reviews, which makes it one of the best-rated eyelash growth serums available on the market today. Hundreds of users reported seeing visibly longer eyelashes after a few weeks of usage, with noticeable improvements in lash strength, texture, and appearance.

Taking all these into consideration easily places Scandinavian Biolabs Eyelash Growth Serum at our #1 spot.

Shop Scandinavian Biolabs

2. Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner


  • High-quality serum using natural ingredients to promote fuller, stronger eyelashes
  • Only contains natural ingredients
  • Formulated by scientists
  • Produced by a well-known company that has decades of experience in the eyelash beauty space
  • Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free


  • Extremely expensive versus other high-end eyelash growth serums with similar, if not superior effectiveness
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Some users report that it might take over 8 weeks to see visible results, which is higher than other serums that can produce results in 4-6 weeks


RevitaLash is a high-quality lash growth serum produced by RevitaLash Cosmetics, a well-known line of cosmetics designed to restore the health of hair, brow, and lashes. 

The RevitaLash formula uses a proprietary peptide complex called Biopeptin to promote fuller, longer, stronger lashes. This trade-marked Biopeptin complex contains a blend of Biotin, Green Tea, Peptides, and Lipids to accelerate the growth of eyelashes naturally, without producing harmful side effects.

The serum also contains Ginseng and Sweet Japonica, two plant extracts rich in Vitamin B – which has been shown to protect and revitalize lashes. It also comprises Saw Palmetto, an ingredient full of fatty acids to promote lash shine and Wheat Protein, a hair-thickening ingredient that is rich in amino acids and peptides to strengthen and condition hair.

The product has been formulated by an ophthalmologist, reviewed by dermatologists, and has been clinically tested in laboratory conditions. It doesn’t contain any harmful substances such as parabens, aluminum, or BHT, and it is hypoallergenic and non-irritating. 

Although the serum is of high quality, we do note that it is very expensive compared to other high-end eyelash serums, with a hefty price tag of €110. We find that price unwarranted given that other products of comparable quality and effectiveness – and sometimes even higher – can be found in the €50-70 range.

Finally, we highlight that the product doesn’t come with any guarantee, which we find somewhat disappointing for a serum of this price range.

Shop Revitalash

3. Lashfood Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancing Serum


  • Good quality lash serum promoting denser and longer eyelashes
  • Lots of satisfied users
  • Suitable for highly sensitive skin
  • 99% natural
  • Suitable for vegan
  • No harmful substances


  • Expensive
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Slower to act than other high-quality serums


LashFOOD is a 99% natural eyelash growth serum formulated with a patented Phyto-medic complex that is designed to promote fuller and stronger eyelashes.

One of the key ingredients of the serum is Arginine, an amino acid that can support healthy hair growth at its root. This clean lash growth serum also ensures the lashes stay healthy by conditioning the hair follicle and preventing lashes from falling out prematurely. This enables eyelashes to grow longer and more evenly, both on the upper and lower eyelid.

Many users who have tried LashFOOD Eyelash Enhancing Serum reported having thicker, denser, and fuller lashes.

Most importantly, most users reported that this serum could be applied safely without producing any side effects such as eyelid infections, itching, or redness. As a result, this eyelash serum is a good pick for those with highly sensitive skin. We note that this serum uses natural ingredients, is suitable for vegans, and doesn’t contain any harmful substances.

On the minus side, we highlight that this serum doesn’t come with a money-back guarantee, which is quite surprising given the relatively high price range of the product (around €90). Finally, we note that some users reported that it might take some time before seeing any visible results with this serum.

Shop Lashfood

4. Lancer Lash Serum Intense


  • Does promote fuller and longer eyelashes
  • Helps eyelashes stay soft and healthy with essential vitamins and nutrients
  • Well-designed bottle
  • The manufacturer has a strong track record in the beauty space


  • Extremely expensive at over €140 per bottle
  • Contains potentially irritant ingredients
  • Not good for sensitive skin
  • No money-back guarantee


The Lancer Lash Serum Intense is a high-end lash growth serum that has been shown to promote fuller and longer eyelashes.

Easy to apply, the serum contains glycosaminoglycans known for locking in moisture to make lashes soft and healthy. Lancer also contains biotin and panthenol, both proteins that strengthen lashes. 

Many users reported an increase in length and fullness after a few weeks of usage, with maximum results achieved around 6 weeks. The serum bottle is nicely designed and the ingredients are a blend of essential vitamins and great nutrients.

With that said, the product is very expensive (over €140), for results that are similar if not inferior to the other serums available out there. Further, we note that the serum contains potentially irritant molecules such as triple peptide complexes, which may cause swelling, redness, and itching on sensitive skin.

Finally, there is no money-back guarantee, which is quite disappointing for a product that is so expensive.

Shop Lancer

5. Lilash Eyelash Serum


  • Quality lash serum made by a well-known cosmetics company
  • Can improve the length and fullness of eyelashes
  • Versatile can be used on eyelashes and eyebrows
  • Good mix of natural ingredients
  • Reasonable price point (although still not cheap)


  • Does not grow lashes very long, only marginal improvement, according to users
  • Might still be expensive for some users with tight budgets


Lilash Purified Eyelash Serum is a mid-price eyelash serum made by Cosmetic Alchemy, a well-known cosmetics company.

This serum has been reported to enhance the appearance and texture of lashes, with many users reporting fuller and denser lashes after continuous use. It can not only be used on eyelashes but also on eyebrows, giving users versatility when it comes to styling their facial hair. The product contains almost all-natural ingredients, including lupus albus seed extract, prunus amygdalus, and panthenol. 

The advantage of this serum is that it is more affordable than other quality growth serums (around €68 per bottle). That being said, we note that while most reviewers did notice longer and fuller lashes after a few weeks, the difference in length was not very significant.

In other words, this product might be a good fit for people who want a slight enhancement in their lash appearance, but not ideal for those who wish to grow meaningfully longer and full eyelashes. We also highlight that some users reported symptoms of irritation.

Shop Lilash Serum

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